The Surge of Violent Crimes and Bankruptcies of Private Companies in China

In the June 6, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that in the past 2 months, 70,000 so-called “vicious retaliation against society” crimes happened in mainland China, indicating that the life of ordinary people in communist China was unbearable under the oppression of the CCP gangsters. He also said that the CCP’s banks were just a big Ponzi game and there were 800,000 private companies going bankruptcy in the past couple of months.

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Do you know how seriously Communist China’s economy has deteriorated?

In the past two months, 70,000 cases of what the CCP defines as “vicious retaliation against society” have taken place across the country. Actually, these cases are occurring because these people have been driven beyond the point of survival. (The Chinese ancient novel “Outlaws of the Marsh” told the story of what occurred on “Mount Liang”.) Now that “Mount Liang” is gone, people who cannot survive are forced to commit violence.

We are against violence, but we must understand that nobody would do such a thing if they had a choice. They do not want to take revenge on society. CCP, the organized crime organization, and its gangsters oppress people and make more and more Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) unable to survive. These people have no other choice, and 70,000 bloody and violent incidents occurred as a result.

Between 1982 and 1983, Deng Xiaoping gave orders to implement a severe crackdown on criminal activities, citing the rape of young girls in Mongolia. And it led to the executions of tens of thousands of people. Some even got executed for minor misdemeanors such as stealing a cabbage. I know very well what happened then. The total number of cases between 1982 and 1983 is not as many as that in the last two months.

The CCP must be scared. If 70,000 cases grow to 700,000, it will not be an act of revenge against society. It will be a reaction to totalitarian oppression. If it expands to 7 million cases, the CCP will be finished. It is that simple.

Our fellow fighters also told me about banks, finance, and various aspects of mainland China. The banks in mainland China get used to playing tricks, and cover defaulted loans with new loans. This is the CCP’s own Ponzi game. In fact, 45% to 50% of the bank loans are already in default and cannot be repaid. The banks cannot continue playing the loan-pyramid scheme in almost 50% of the loan cases in the last 2 to 3 months. How bad it is. Around 800,000 private companies claimed bankruptcy in mainland China. It was 800,000 private companies!

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