“Gain of Function” Techniques Hidden in a 2015 Article Which Indicate CCP Bioweapon Program

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This 2015 article demonstrates all the “gain of function” techniques needed to make COVID-19, amino acid substitution, viral re-assortment, serial passaging by animal model expert Chuan Qin. Many leads point to Changchun. Did Biao He bring ZC45 & ZXC21 to there for processing?

Let’s see how it wrote in the article about amino acid substitution, viral re-assortment, serial passaging.

Considering that the LPAI viruses in poultry also pose severe threat to human health, as observed in H7N9 viruses(Gao etal., 2013), the WTH7N129Y virus, which is a LPAI virus for poultry, is used for studying the pathogenesis of AIVs in this research. In the study, they used mice as a model system for studying the mamma-lian adaptation of a reassortant H7N1 avian influenza virus isolated from wild waterfowl and show that highly pathogenic variants can quickly emerge from a parental virus during limited serial passage. These adapted viral variants displayed expanded tissue tropism and increased replication kinetics in vitro and in vivo. Sequence analysis of adapted viruses identified multiple amino acid substitutions, including a lysine residue at PB2 position 627,that are likely involved in the adaptation of H7N1 avian influenza virus in mice.

The PB2-E627K sub-stitution has been consistently found to contribute to the adaptation of H5N1 and H7N7 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses in mammals(Gabriel etal.,2005;Hattaetal.,2001).

It is still unclear how PB2 E627K mutation changes viral pathogenicity in mammals, although the difference in surface charge of the 627E- or 627K-containing domain of PB2 may affect PB2 interactions with other viral or cellular proteins(Kuzuharaetal.,2009). While the PB2 E627K substitution has been reported to confer increased virulence in mammals in the context of other avian influenza.

In Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s second and third report also talked about amino acid substitution and serial passaging.

She wrote in her second report: “While the publications of the fabricated pangolin coronaviruses might have seemingly fulfilled the scientific quests for an intermediate host for the zoonosis of SARS-CoV-2 as well as for an evolutionary origin of its RBD, it had remained suspicious and unexplainable how SARS-CoV-2 could have acquired the furin-cleavage site (-PRRAR/VS-) at the S1/2 junction through natural evolution. It is evident that, although furin-cleavage site has been found in certain other lineages of coronaviruses at the S1/2 junction, lineage B β coronaviruses clearly lack the ability to develop this motif at this location naturally58.”

The furin-cleavage site is about amino acid substitution.

And in her third report which she had response to the review to her report, she wrote about serial passage. There are plenty of examples where serial passage has allowed successful adaptation of a virus to infect a novel host with significant lethality. Using serial passage, Dr. Li-Meng Yan had previously converted influenza A H3N2/Hong Kong/1/68 virus, which is not lethal to mice, to a novel strain that causes efficient infections and high lethality in mice. Dr. Ralph Baric also used serial passage to successfully convert a strain of SARS virus into a desired mouse-adapted strain.

In addition to driving the viral strain(s) toward optimal fitness and desired lethality, serial passage also has the benefit of partially mimicking natural evolution and thereby can possibly remove some traces of genetic manipulation.

In conclusion, CCP had mastered this technology “Gain of Function” for a long time, which they got funded from NIH and with the help from the American-Chinese scientists. They’ve also done experiments again and again to make this skilled and reliable and thus they can implement this plan in a structured way. This is organized crime and terrorist acts.

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