Stabbing in University Campus Under CCP’s regime – How a Prodigy Becomes a Murderer

Author: H
News Collector: Huang Xiaohua
Translators: Lynn/Sister Karamazov
Proofreader: Sister Karamazov

Image: urban fit & fearless

Breaking: on Monday, a teacher stabbed the party secretary of his school by the throat in Fudan University, Shanghai. Fudan University is one of the most renowned universities in China, and mathematics school is one of the best throughout the country. The suspect, similar to other hate crimes that emerged in China recently, is also a young male (39 years old).

The suspect was able to answer questions calmly and kept a clear head after being held custody by the police. “I have been treated horribly in the workplace…I was set up so many times…bullied by them…”He answered the police in a choked, intermittent voice, trying very hard to control his anger accumulated over so many years.

It is also reported that the suspect was employed by the school of mathematics in Fudan University by some government talent recruitment program, after getting a PhD in statistics in United States. This is a vivid display of how CCP regime keeps smothering talents and creativity. It is tragic that such a talented person was forced to become a murderer under the suffocating social environment created by CCP. When the CCP government intentionally makes life difficult for everyone and force people to compete with one another, tragedies like this are bound to occur.

FYI: fun fact in Communist China: the party secretary, not the department head, leads the all the departments including mathematics department in all universities. In other words, communism controls everything in China, even mathematics.


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