Communist China’s Failed Education System and National College Entrance Exams

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While parents around the world are investing in education to quietly move up the social stratum, China’s economy, politics, and diplomatic structure this year have reverted to the condition of ignorance at the end of the Qing Dynasty. In 2021, the number of college applicants in China reaches a historical high amid expanded college recruitment. Background situation such as tough employment, unemployment, protests, bloody anti-social murders, global CCP virus crisis, and the confrontation between global righteous and evil forces constantly rattle the public’s nerves.

It is again time for China’s annual National College Entrance Exams(NCEE), which is one of the few fair opportunities for China’s middle and lower classes to move upward the social stratum. Yet the cruel reality is how difficult social mobility is! In the current state of  stratification, deplorables at the bottom of the society have given up education due to the lack of opportunity; the middle class are overly anxious and desperate; children of the upper class are either exempt from examinations or can attend prestigious schools in Europe or the US; half of the top CCP leader’s children have European and American descent in their DNA (born from foreign mothers), and they are educated to be young aristocrats for the CCP’s game of power around the globe.

Communist China’s education only caters to the economic and political structure, and only trains a labor force of the lowest quality. This is the result of a vicious circle because young people can only find employment in numerous infrastructure projects and labor-intensive industries. There is intense competition over the few decent and nice job positions. A video clip show that the Hengshui High School (also named as “Factory for NCEE” famous for producing high-score students) successfully launched a shameless propaganda campaign by inciting parents with the strategy of class struggles. What is certain is that children who can afford this school are never from lower-class families. This school is a prototype of the entire education system, turning the most malleable teenagers into psychopaths. The only unvarying norm for thousands of years is to study hard, to change your destiny with knowledge, and to become a member of the upper class and enslave others. Whereas decades of college entrance exams have produced thousands of top-score champions, what is surprising is that none of them becomes a leader in his field. Those who have already succeeded become completely selfish, willingly assist the evil, and will not make any extra contribution to the society. The most successful control strategy used by rulers for thousands of years in China is to neutralize potential threats (young people) by luring them with the hope to become top-score champions in government exams. An enslaving education is the most pernicious of the five strategies to fool the people. Every dynasty has perfected this brainwashing.

In an oppressive and useless education system, the original doctrine of this country’s educators is to pre-suppose that children will grow up into bad people, and to instill them with unrealistic theories and ideas from kindergarten. Students are inculcated with nationalistic propaganda to love the CCP but don’t receive any education on human nature. Such political education is very confusing to children or even teenagers, and even many politics teachers do not understand it. The function of this education is only to teach standard answers to exams, without any practical use. There is a void on real education on human nature and logic. Human nature is the foundation of personality. A person who doesn’t understand human nature lacks personality. How can he love himself, his family, the society, not to mention loving others? Therefore, the current chaos under the CCP’s rule is not a surprise. Love is a kind of feeling as a person grows up and is not obtained through didactics—this is the basic principle. The West has recognized this principle more than 700 years ago, but China, which is a civilization of 5000 year history, appears to remain a primitive society in this aspect. Communist China’s education doctrine is also pervaded by hatred—schools inculcate hatred in students, which is a crime in most other countries.

Another proof of CCP education’s failure is also reflected in the “safe” education mode. Many schools implement seamless management. From the moment students enter school to the moment they leave, they are watched over by teachers at every second. Teacher of the current course cannot leave the classroom unless teacher of the next course arrives—this is like shepherds watching over sheep. When school is over, crowds of parents and their vehicles gather less than 50 meters away from school. After children arrive home, they again stay at home to do homework, eat, and sleep. This cycle generally lasts for 15 years. When I first came to China, children below the second and third grades of elementary school were picked up by their parents. And now even middle school students are also picked up by their parents. As children grow up, in the end they will have to leave school and family to live independently. What will happen then?

High-pressure education wastes the children’s the most precious youth on meaningless and useless study content. And this education system is reluctant to spend a bit of time on discussion and thinking. Rote memory has become the only method of learning; high pressure has become the only means of education; over protection has become the only routine as children grow up. This negative education model destroys human nature and is a great crime against humankind! The purpose of education is to stimulate thinking skills. High pressure education during adolescence often negatively affects a person’s logic and cognitive ability for lifetime. This generation will catch up with the previous generation, but how can they apply the logic of high-pressure education to learn global economics and politics, to face the future and the unknown involving AI technology, or to distinguish between justice and evil?

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