[Topple CCP] President Biden Expanded List of Restricted Chinese Companies

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According to a report published by Apnews on June 4th, U.S. President Joe Biden expanded the list of restricted Chinese companies, whose shares are off-limits to American investors because of their links to the CCP’s military and surveillance.

According to the report, the White House issued the update on Wednesday to an order signed last year by President Trump that added to the trade and technology confrontation between the U.S. and China. The executive order takes effect on August 2nd. This indicates that Biden has not softened Washington’s stance on companies that are linked to the CCP’s “military industrial complex.”

This revised order from Biden is to “ensure that U.S. investments are not supporting Chinese companies that undermine the security or values of the United States and our allies.”  According to the report, the updated list includes fifty-nine companies that contribute to the surveillance of religious and ethnic minorities or to repression and “serious human rights abuses.” Investors who already hold shares in these fifty-nine companies listed can have one year to liquidate those assets. Of these companies, including the 31 on the initial list, many but not all have been blacklisted by the Department of Defense, which restricts these Chinese companies from accessing U.S. technologies and investments.

According to the report, in addition to the investment ban, U.S. firms are also prohibited from exporting or transferring technology to dozens of Chinese companies unless they have special permission from the American government.

Apparently, this revised order from Biden gives the CCP a signal, that the American government will gradually destroy the CCP’s evil plan, which is to replace the American place in the world and control the world. NO MONEY, NO CCP.  The CCP will be eliminated.

Biden widens list of Chinese firms off-limits for investment

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