[Headline News] Dr. Sellin’s Step-by-Step Tweets Show the Truth about CCP Virus–30th in Series

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Dr. Lawrence Sellin posted five consecutive Tweets and Retweets between May 24th and May 26th, 2021 to show the origin of SARS-CoV-2 virus (aka CCP virus), how it’s connected to the CCP’s biological warfare program, and the CCP and the PLA’s massive infiltration of the U.S. virus research program.

Tweet #1 on May 24th, 2021: Dr. Sellin commented on a sudden addition of a suspected research article on the topic of a lab-made virus from the EcoHealth Alliance in the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) publication results database. The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is suspected by experts to have caused the pandemic, and received $600,000 in U.S. taxpayers’ funds from the NIH through the non-profit organization of Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance. Peter Daszak is one of the scientists who colludes with the CCP, who had collaborated closely with director, Zhengli Shi at WIV, and is arguably the most determined and hardcore supporter of “natural origin” of the CCP virus. Peter even thanked Dr. Anthony Fauci for supporting the “bat-to-human” virus origin theory, according to the Fauci email leak. It is unusual to see a research paper about lab origin from EcoHealth Alliance. Is Peter afraid that the virus origin truth will be revealed soon, or is he scared that Fauci and Collins now changed their position to support the investigation of virus origin, therefore, he has to add this virus lab origin article secretly?      

Tweet #2 on May 25th, 2021: Dr. Sellin Tweeted his hour-long, in-depth interview with Rumble media  (Dr Lawrence Sellin Interview (rumble.com)) during which he discussed his findings about the CCP virus origin, the CCP’s biological warfare, and the CCP and the PLA’s massive infiltration of the U.S. virus research program. Dr. Sellin reviewed the evidence he collected since early 2020 that led to the conclusion that the virus was originated from the CCP’s lab, a claim that was widely discredited by the media and Anthony Fauci last year. However, now this conclusion has increasingly built momentum with the growing body of evidence. Dr. Sellin also exposed his findings on the CCP’s biological warfare and the CCP’s massive infiltration of the U.S. virus research program. Dr. Sellin further stated that the virus was not only came from lab, but also was intentionally released by the CCP. He spoke highly of Whistleblowers and thanked them for their help and work. Dr. Sellin calls upon people to do the following three things: 1) accept the virus lab-origin universally,  2) expose the CCP’s extensive biological warfare program, and 3) it is most important to have national security accountability of the U.S. virus and research funding. 

Tweet #3 on May 25th, 2021: Dr. Sellin Retweeted an article titled, “Is Wuhan University’s Animal Laboratory the Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” by the Gatewaypundit and thanked two Whistleblowers “@ann95657173” and “@TorontoFarmEN.” The article exposed two points: 1) the PLA Eastern Theater Command headquarter in Nanjing isolated ZC45 and ZXC21, the backbone bat coronaviruses for the lab manufacture of the CCP virus as claimed by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, and 2) the PLA sent a fully-formed or nearly fully-formed CCP virus to Wuhan University ABSL-3 animal laboratory for testing on non-human primates.

 Tweet #4 on May 25th: Dr. Sellin Tweeted his interview with the GOA Chronicle, a major outlet from India, (Unraveling the Corona Virus Origin Mystery with Dr. Lawrence Sellin – Goa Chronicle) during which he discussed the CCP virus origin, the CCP’s biological warfare program, and the unique aspects of India’s variant. Dr. Sellin confirmed that the CCP virus was created in a lab and developed within the CCP’s biological warfare program. Dr. Sellin has been piecing the puzzle by identifying the locations, the people, and what they did to create this virus and how it all goes back to the PLA. Dr. Sellin denounced the World Health Organization (WHO) for its dereliction of duty during the pandemic by stating, “Yes, the WHO, in my opinion, is a disaster. It has covered up for China, right from the initial outbreak and its recent investigation. They say the virus has come from nature, which is the propaganda of the CCP. The WHO is useless or perhaps even a dangerous organization and needs to be completely rebuilt or eliminated.” Dr. Sellin commented that the reason the Indian variant is more infectious than the early version could be due to the mutation that came directly from the artificial manipulation of the proline of a coronavirus.

Tweet #5 on May 26th: Dr. Sellin Retweeted a post by “@Tuan_himalaya” about part of his interview with Rumble media with Chinese captions. Dr. Sellin stated that the works to prove that the CCP virus came from a laboratory was complete, and further works are in progress to prove and expose that the CCP virus is part of the CCP’s biowarfare program and the CCP and the PLA have deeply infiltrated the U.S. virus research program.

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