Passivity Will Not Bring Freedom to China

Writer: Lois

The fate of Tong Ying-kit, a Hong Kong national who was arrested for defying Hong Kong police, illustrates the dark future for the Beijing-controlled territory. Mr Tong is being prosecuted as a terrorist under the new National Security Law (NSL) imposed on Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). On May 20, a High Court judge ruled that Tong would be judged by a three-judge panel instead of a jury.

The NSL aims to destroy Hong Kong’s legal system, mainly through persecuting Hong Kong’s leading pro-democracy figures like Jimmy Lai and Joshua Wong. Hong Kong police have arrested Mr Lai and Mr Wong under the NSL. The law also grants additional investigatory powers to the Hong Kong police.

The CCP’s NSL has silenced a whole generation of determined Hong Kong youth. Police have killed or arrested many who fought for their freedom. 

To retain their freedom, these young people have little choice but to leave their home country, which the CCP is suffocating slowly. In August 2020, the China Coast Guard arrested 12 young Hong Kong citizens for so-called illegal border crossing after attempting to flee to Taiwan. Furthermore, over 34,000 Hong Kong nationals have requested United Kingdom residency in the two months following the European nation’s visa scheme opening. Countless have also fled to Australia and North America.

The CCP’s most wanted pro-democracy leader is Guo Wengui, also known as Miles Guo. His leadership in exposing the CCP’s corruption has made him a top target for the regime. The Chinese dissident was a former Hong Kong resident, but the CCP’s persecution forced him to escape to the United States. China’s communist political authorities are continuing their infiltration of US politics to expel Mr Guo from the free Western nation. The ongoing Western passivity towards the CCP’s cunning tactics brings the free world’s demise ever so closer.

Democrat Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez stated earlier this month that the US Strategic Competition Act would enable the nation to oppose China in every aspect of its power. According to Mr Menendez, these aspects include political, diplomatic, economic, innovation, and culture. 

Republican Senator Mitt Romney cited the legislation as a countermeasure against China’s march toward global hegemony.

Meanwhile, a retired Taiwanese military officer expressed his alarm over Chinese naval drills in the region. He called the exercises the most significant threat to Taiwan’s security since 1996 when China launched missiles into Taiwan’s waters. J. Michael Cole, a Taiwan security analyst, also accused China of dangerous moves.

However, these big words mean little to the youth whose freedoms are being devoured by the CCP. The United States and the United Kingdom are giving quite a show in their hand wringing over the issue of Hong Kong’s diminishing democratic freedoms, but both nations have failed to protect Hong Kong’s rule of law. Hence, the CCP remains confident that it can continue to infringe upon the free world with little resistance from the West, with a particular focus on Taiwan as its next target.

Richard Haass and David Sacks recently stated in Foreign Affairs Magazine that Washington should end its strategic ambiguity towards Taiwan. Following this article, a Global Times editorial cited Hong Kong as an example of the consequences for all who underestimate Communist China.

This year, the Hong Kong people are prohibited from commemorating the Tiananmen Square Massacre of June 4, 1989. Protected by the NSL, the Hong Kong police will arrest any who dare to pay their respects. Nevertheless, the message of the Tiananmen Square tragedy, spread by the exiled, the dissidents, and jailed protestors, roars on in the Lion Rock Spirit of the Hong Kong people.

The CCP’s biggest fear and most extensive source of power are the people. The Party’s brutal treatment of political dissidents like Mr Guo is a testament to this fact. However, as soon as the people unite against the CCP, their authoritarian regime will be over.

Wealth Magazine. (June 4, 2021). We can no longer be passive in protecting democracy in Greater China.

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