[Topple CCP] The Biden Administration Is Determined To “Get to the Bottom” of the CCP Virus Origin

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According to a report published by Axios on June 6th, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told “Axios on HBO” that the Biden administration is determined to “get to the bottom” of the CCP virus origin. “That’s the only way we’re going to be able to prevent the next pandemic or at least do a better job in mitigating it,” Blinken explained.

During the interview, Blinken said that the CCP still hasn’t given American agencies the transparency needed, access to international inspectors and experts, or real-time information sharing. “That has to happen,” he said. Doing so, according to Blinken, is ultimately very much in the respective interests of the United States and China. Blinken said that if the CCP “purports to be a responsible international actor,” it will have “to do everything it can to provide all the information it has to make sure we can hopefully prevent this from happening again.”

 When talking about the U.S. companies doing business with the CCP, Blinken stated that the CCP has the “ability to use surveillance technology to repress its own people, or to export that technology to allow other autocratic or authoritarian governments from doing the same thing.” According to by Axios, on June 3rd, President Biden expanded the list of the CCP’s companies whose shares are off-limits to American investors because of connections to the CCP’s “military-industrial complex.”

Prior to Biden’s inauguration as President of the United States, many CCP officials probably believed that the CCP could successfully control the Biden administration. But the recent determination of the Biden administration to pursue the source of the CCP virus, and the restrictions placed on these Chinese companies, seem to tell the CCP that the U.S. will hold the CCP accountable for this outbreak, and that the U.S. homeland security is not for sale to the CCP.

 “Axios on HBO”: Blinken vows to hold China accountable on COVID origins

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