Global Pandemic Timeline—— February 16, 2020 – WHO Team Starts Its 9-Day Visit in China


On February 16, WHO starts its 9-day “Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019” in China. The WHO team visited several cities in China to investigate the origin of COVID-19 and the current status of the outbreak.

According to emails released by Judicial Watch, prior to departure, NIAID Deputy Director Cliff Lane, one of the WHO team members, was asked to sign a confidentiality form and a DOI (Declaration of Interests) form, which were tailored to Chin’a terms (Page 161): 

“[P]lease send [the forms] as soon as you can. The forms this time are tailored to China’s terms so we cannot use the ones from before. Thank you for your patience.” 

Also, emails on page 239 show that the National Health Commission arranged all the transportation for the WHO team: 

“Finally, please be aware that our hosts, the National Health Commission (NHC), will be arranging all of our subsequent group transportation while you are in Beijing and during field visits.”

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