Global Pandemic Timeline: January 28, 2020 – WHO Director Tedros Visits Beijing, Praising China’s Transparency and Efficiency in Handling the Outbreak


According to Xinhua News, WHO Director-General Tedros visits Beijing and meets Xi Jinping. Tedros praised Chinese government for its transparency, and timeliness in sharing the information related to the outbreak with the world: 

“(Tedros) points out that … China shows transparency when it comes to publishing related information, identified the pathogen in a record-breaking speed, and shares the genome sequence data with WHO and other countries promptly and voluntarily.

What China is doing is not just protecting its own citizens, but also protecting the whole world. We truly appreciate what China did.

The speed of China’s reaction and the scale of its efforts are unprecedented. This shows us the China-speed, China-scale, and China-efficacy, and is highly appreciated. This is the strength of China’s institution, and it provides valuable experience that other countries can learn from.”

January 28, 2020, Tedros meets Xi in Beijing, source: RFI News 

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