Global Pandemic Timeline: January 13, 2020 – Zhang Yongzhen’s Bio-Safety Level 3 Lab in Shanghai Public Clinical Center Closed by Authorities


January 13, 2020 – The day after his team published COVID-19 genome, Zhang Yongzhen saw the bio-safety level 3 lab in Shanghai Public Clinical Center closed by Chinese authorities

According to reports on RFI News, on January 13, 2020, the day after Zhang Yongzhen’s team published COVID-19 genome, the Bio-Safety Level 3 lab (BSL-3) in Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (SPHCC), where Zhang used to work, was suddenly “closed for restructuring” by the Chinese authorities.

A Chinese language military news website,, posted an article titled Zhong Nanshan: I Reported the Outbreak Long Before, Who Prevented the News from Reaching the Public, which gives the following details about the lab closure incident:

“Sources say that the authorities have started investigating the BSL-3 lab at SPHCC – where Zhang used to work – on January 12, and ordered it closed on January 13. 

The lab later submitted its restructuring report, but didn’t get any reply from the authorities.

‘We don’t know the reason behind all this, but it all happened the day after the genome was published. We tried to re-apply for permit for viral culture experiments, but we heard nothing back’, said one staff of SPHCC.”

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