【NFSC 1-Year Anniversary】Natalie Winters(Full Version of Speech): CCP Has Seized the Means of Cultural Production in the U.S. Someone Needs To Fight Back!

06/03/2021 Natalie Winters: It really is an important fight. Because without voices like yours, like mine, like the wonderful work of Stephen K, Bannon, we wouldn’t be here today. And we wouldn’t have changed the tide on COVID-19, or as I like to call it the Chinese Communist Party virus. Our mainstream media outlets don’t report the truth, don’t report the facts. They just report narratives, and those narratives are made in China. CCP wants to subvert every value that is quintessential and crucial to the founding of the United States.

By: 【秘密翻译组-精翻组 G-Translators/Elite Team】

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秘密翻译组-精翻组 G-Translators/Elite Team

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