【G Times】 US military plane lands in Taiwan, how does CCP handle this PR crisis?

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On June 6, three U.S. senators arrived in Taiwan on a U.S. Airforce C17 cargo plane and were received by President Tsai Ing-wen. They were described as the highest profile Taiwan-U.S. posture since the severance of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States.

This visit to Taiwan has 3 key features:

  1. 1.June 6 is the day when Allied forces landed in Normandy in 1944. The American politicians chose this date to visit Taiwan. Does this symbolise the beginning of a turning point in the situation across the Taiwan Strait?
  2. 2.Albeit the three congressmen visited Taiwan for just a few hours, but then, since the break in diplomatic ties between Taiwan and the United States in 1979, there were very few U.S. military planes taking off and landing in Taiwan, and there has never been three congressmen flying into Taiwan on the same military plane, on an official visit.
  3. 3.The C17 military aircraft has a maximum load of 77.5 tons. Why did the United States deploy such a heavy transport aircraft to send three senators to Taiwan?

Among the members who visited Taiwan this time, Sullivan and Duckworth are both members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, while Coons is a member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

Military, diplomacy, military aircraft… There is no doubt that the United States has declared its resolve to defend Taiwan.

The CCP’s Crisis Public Relations: Misleading + Lying

What’s interesting is that, challenged with such high-profile US officials and military planes visiting Taiwan, the official CCP media, whom have all along been clamouring  that as long as US military planes dare to land, they will take military action against Taiwan, have remained silent. It was not until midnight that the response came through the World Wide Web with a perplexing article.

In this article entitled “U.S. Senators Arrived in Taiwan by Military Transport Plane This Morning,” the World Wide Web used the term “visiting” in an attempt to mislead the three U.S. senators’ visit to Taiwan as unofficial, informal.

The article tried to tell the public that the mainland’s military supremacy over Taiwan is overwhelming and that the situation in the Taiwan Strait is still under the CCP’s firm control. On the other hand, due to the success of the mainland’s military deployment and power display in the Taiwan Strait region, the Taiwan and US authorities are stressed. Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party is in a never-ending panic state. Taiwan and the United States want to regain the initiative, by creating the illusion that they still dominate the situation in the Taiwan Strait…

Da Wai Xuan and  Duo Wei News stated that the three U.S. senators did not fly in a military plane, it was a “commercial plane” instead, completely ignoring the large U.S. Air Force logo on the fuselage. 

“Global Times” editor-in-chief Hu Xijin posted on Wang Yi News that the US transport plane landed in Taiwan, but there is nothing to worry about, it’s just a game…

On June 7, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference and responded: The United States should immediately stop all forms of official exchange with Taiwan, so as not to cause further serious damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

The United States sent three high-profile senators to Taiwan this time and brutally hit CCP with a checkmate. Whereas the CCP, whilst pushed and squeezed to the ground, won’t even dare to try the wolf warrior diplomacy stunt, but could only comfort the suckers behind the wall : Don’t panic, the power is still in our hands…

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