【Video】Five Ways of Ruling the People in Modern China

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The five techniques which CCP uses for controlling its 1.4 billion Chinese people: (1) Fooling them; (2) Weakening them; (3) Tiring them; (4) Humiliating them; (5) Impoverishing the People.

Editor’s comment: These five strategies were originally invented by Shang Yang, a politician before Qin Dynasty ( about BC395~BC338) ancient China. In his “Book of Shang Jun”, he put forward the five strategies on how to effectively rule the people. In modern China, the Chinese Communist Party, applies the five strategies with some new formats such as building firewalls to prevent its people from obtaining the truth, years of endless brainwashing education to inject people with Marxism, Maoism, and other communist ideas; using authoritarian violence to control the wealth of the people, to make the people running around for their livelihoods, exhausted, and worry about their own safety and the safety of their families.

The Book of Lord Shang (Shang Jun Shu) is a controversial text that was an ancient Chinese doctrine from the 3rd century B.C. The author, Lord Shang, or Shang Yang, was a thinker of developing strategies to absolutely control over people and designing tyrannical punishments in the Warring States Period. He was also the mastermind behind the rise of state of Qin that he assisted Qin to conquer all feudal states. Finally the emperor Qin united the country for the first time and became the Qin Dynasty in China.

By manipulating the root of human ethics with an ideology on centralized total powers, Lord Shang illustrated a power of coercion by introducing land reforms, standardization, peasant workforce management, and implementing new military’s ranks of merit, taxation and legal system. During the warring period, the ancient Chinese people had instinctual beliefs to look up to a Heavenly Power in pursuing peace and prosperity. Thus Lord Shang’s ways of ruling people became irreversible norms by emphasizing that if any ruler wanted to rule “All-under-Heaven”, he first should rule the people. Using physical coercive enforcement, psychological and emotional manipulation and control, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continuously adopts these dreadfully strategies to control over people and decline individual freedom. The CCP strives to consolidate its ultimate power through the following ways:

  1. Fooling the People (Unification of People)

The CCP drives China toward a more oppressive regime and arbitrary sociopolitical dictatorship by fooling the people to comply with the Communist law and order. For example, the Great Firewall of China is aimed at silencing the opposite voice and tightening cyber espionage power within its borders. The CCP uses excessive surveillance threats to vigorously influence people and deceives people believe that the government protects them from cyber crime or harmful information from other sides of the world. Therefore, the CCP can manipulate and unify people with brainwashed ideologies, such as “Chairman Mao is dearer than our parents”. Moreover, the CCP aggressively uses mainstream media and cyber social media to fool people with its fraudulent rhetoric propaganda in order to spread its falsehoods. While the CCP lures people with invasive brainwashing mechanisms, it also uses big data to threaten anyone who dare to challenge the CCP’s sovereign power and its oppression of human rights.

2. Weakening the People

According to the Book, “When the people are weak, the state is strong; hence the state that possesses the Way devotes itself to weakening the people.” Traditionally, Chinese people usually show respect to and obey authority under the influence of Confucian socio-cultural ethics. In light of Lord Shang’s fundamental ideology of dichotomy between “the state” and “the people”, it has a great impact on the political thoughts and practices of the CCP’s regime. Through interaction within the socio-cultural relationship between the authority and the people, the CCP repackages its authoritarian mechanisms and manipulates the understanding of Confucian style of obedience. When people repeatedly identify or self-examine themselves as subordinates who need to obey authority figures, people’s behaviors and minds are being modified and adjusted to even fool themselves to engage in “normal” interactions in the authoritarian regime. Therefore, the CCP imposes higher bureaucratic systems to weaken people especially when people are being brainwashed that the authorities are even more trusting than their families. When the privileged class belongs to few individuals or families with total financial or political powers, people internalize their fundamental roles of being good citizens by tolerating the unchallengeable oppressions from the government. As a result, some people self-regulate their behaviors and self-censor their expressions because they desensitize or normalize the authoritarian law and order even though they have already exerted adverse influence into their daily lives.

3. Tiring the People

People would do “whatever the rulers desire” by giving them incentives or ranks of merit. Under the CCP’s socio-economic falsehoods and excessive hierarchical moral order, people are stratified by their “appropriate” roles in each social organization or at every level of social hierarchy. The CCP builds its social hierarchy to encourage people who hold on to “Chinese Dream,” hence people can “dream” about climb up the social ladder one day. People appear to be engaged in coherent communist behavior in order survive within the pack, especially when they try to achieve rank, social status or benefits. In addition, people are expected to adapt into collective brainwashing mechanisms in schools or at work where reflect the values and beliefs associated with the communism. People feel exhausted by the increasing psychological stress and mental burden involved in fitting themselves in society even they do not feel belong. These underlying unwanted experiences make people unconsciously fall for peer and public pressure. People worry about expressing opposition would cause backfire, so they choose to accept the status quo without critical thinking. They are exhausted and tired to resist the CCP’s incentives; therefore, they willfully follow the pack and take the need for meeting communist agenda as a priority over their personal needs in order to pursue the accommodating lives.

4. Humiliating the People

“If orderly people are weak, they are ashamed of humiliations, and they are made to be mutual responsible among them by means of punishments.” The CCP attains its supremacy and promotes its agenda through simultaneously promoting censors and fears. Driven by the intimidation effect, people are so vulnerable that they inevitably appear to self-censor and embrace the harsh reality that they are under the microscopic surveillance eyes from the government. It is nothing new about the CCP’s use of shame-based punishments for dissenters, such as people are forced to confess their misbehaviors by parading through streets with shaming caps or written boards hanging over the bodies. However the CCP uses social media as a new platform of public naming and shaming in order to marginalize people by magnifying their inherent fear, illogical sense of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. People are constantly under psychological fear for intimidation. Not only the CCP exploit fear over people’s dignity, but also local leaders, peers or even neighbors would relentlessly humiliate “enemies of the people” by public shaming for wrongdoings or out of the norms.

5. Impoverishing the People

Financial power is a crucial form of control that the CCP tightens people’s economic freedom and draws them deeper into debts. Under the CCP’s corruptive governance: allowing fraudulent bank loans, creating real estate market bubbles, swapping bad debt for equity at general public expense, they are schemed to squeeze out more profits from people. People are exhausted to make ends and seek considerable economical security through working hard. With rising cost of living and increasing amount of debt, people’s saving powers are shrinking that they have to work longer hours or more jobs. The CCP make people believe that the only way to succeed in life is to work and follow the CCP’s financial measures. Undoubtedly, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The rising economic inequality between common people and privileged people has been surged. For examples, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang admitted last year that about 600 million Chinese citizens’ monthly incomes were around 1,000 yuan ($144). While the impoverished existence for almost half of its population, ironically Communist China held a record of having the second highest number of billionaires in the world in 2020. In such vicious cycle of financial disparity, insecure financial future, and lack of economic confidence lead people to fall off fiscal cliff. Common people become house slaves or car slaves, only few elite groups can achieve financial success through layers of corruption cover-ups. The lack of transparency and the corruptive practices cause disruptive economic downturn that continuously devastates people in China.

Finally, the Book of Lord Shang brings the most controversial way at the end that the ruler should kill those who cannot be submissive through the FIVE WAYS. Today, the CCP’s ruling in China is built upon enforcing authoritarian policies and centralizing political powers to control the people in all aspects of life. Under the CCP’s totalitarian threats, people would become defenseless, law-abiding and controllable. The CCP employs oppressive and authoritarian mechanisms to horrifically exploit people. For example, Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang and other ethnic religious minorities are suffering from the CCP’s crimes against humanity and genocide. The lasting influence of “Five Ways of Ruling the People” in the Book of Lord Shang, such as “absolute authority and submissive obedience,” becomes the core value to promote political stability through means of authoritarianism in Communist China. The questions remain: When will the people awaken from the abusive socio-political numbness? To what extent people will challenge the tyrannical monarchic ways of ruling under the CCP?

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