[Jun 4, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

Translator:  Himalaya Rose Garden Team (Isaiah4031)

Getter Video link: [Jun 4, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

[June 4, 2021] Video translation

Hello, brothers and sisters! 

Everyone is already up. The sun rises as usual, the Communist Party is still around and still controls our 1.4 billion compatriots, right? Manhattan is still the same, right? So no matter what happens, the sun always rises as usual. But have you thought about this? Yesterday – June the 4th was a great day, but in Communist China, it was like hell. For example, yesterday, in mainland China, you couldn’t even change avatars on your phone. WhatsApp simply did not work, Google Messenger didn’t work at all – nothing could be sent out. It’s not just VPN not working. Basically the whole Internet was gone. Their fear is our weapon.

Brothers and sisters, the ups and downs of the U.S. real estate, European real estate, the world’s bulk trade transactions, and the virtual currencies on the Internet all foreshadow the arrival of a major economic crisis in the world. Whether it’s in the Middle East or Asia, even in places that NATO has never been to before, there were troops and heavy weapons being deployed. Russia has become really popular these days. There is only one reason to loop Russia in – either to fight the US or to fight the CCP.

Brothers and sisters, last night just when everyone was celebrating, did you think about this? We took a big risk yesterday by using G-TV’s own source code for the live broadcast. And yesterday we also used the subtitling system developed by our own engineers, which can provide subtitles in 9 different languages in real-time. It was all developed by a secret team of our engineers. All of these will greatly increase the value of G-TV and benefit our  investors. We’re making money while taking down the CCP – we have the gut and the ability to do so. Not only that, you can see that the wealth in this world is moving around greatly recently because of the anticipated demise of the CCP and the fear of insecurity of wealth caused by the financial crisis all over the world. All of these will make the wealth flow to our Himalaya Exchange. That’s making money while destroying the CCP!

Contrary to the communist China, we make money, happily together, from yesterday till today, and we train the future leaders of our New Federal State of China.Through this, I, your brother Miles can find good people, find talent for the future NFSC, exercise our skills and train our teams.We have accomplished all of these. But, my fellow fighters, what I want to say to you is that our value is on the rise every minute and every second. Can you name one thing of the CCP with increasing value? What the CCP has are: internal turmoils, the newly promoted three-child policy, and the constant fighting among three gangs of the CCP – the internal political trio, the so-called “iron brother” in the north (Russia) being ready to betray any moment, the United States and the United Nations’ overwhelming pressure, and the collapsing economy. How long can you still fool around? Hong Kong is like a living hell. Will the CCP still attack Taiwan or not? If it attacks, it will die first; if not, Xi’s political career will end.

Last night I went to bed around 5 o’clock, and then woke up before 7 o’clock, at about 6:50. I have been dealing with various information and stuff from different regions, especially from Asia. I, your brother Miles still have three very important hearings to go to today. Also, there was supposed to be a one-day trip to the Himalaya Embassy for our fellow fighters today, but the security department strongly advised us not to do it. We have made arrangement for our fellow fighters’s embassy trip already. The arrangement made by Wen Xiao was all done, and then last night, the trip got canceled last minute.

Last night the CCP’s consulate in New York City sent agents to our neighborhood to spy on us, just like those guys from the CCP New York consulate coming to the yacht to take photos the other day. Tell me what you can do there? Nothing but taking a few photos of me downstairs and finding out who came in and who came out, and who were hired as security guards. And then you can go back and cheat them that, “I got really close to Miles.” in order to get paid. Am I worth all your effort if I were as what you said: a rapist, a liar, “Guo no money”, “Guo three seconds”, and “Guo liar”? You found Bloomberg and also a female Chinese journalist to defame us again. All the journalists, who wrote negative reports about our Whistleblower Movement to defame Miles, whether it was from the Wall Street Journal or other media, were all Chinese journalists, and the vast majority of them were female. Does the CCP have any shame? Your own domestic mouthpieces do not work, so you “borrow” foreign mouthpieces to work for you, and told Bloomberg that: “Miles Guo should study the law before making money in the United States.” Screw you! When I learned how to make money, you bastards in the Zhongnan pit didn’t even know what money was like. Who in the Zhongnan Pit dares to compete with me in making money? Talking about doing business in the US, none of you would dare to compete with me. A piece of my body hair would be stronger than your neck. You found a bunch of little bastards to try to comment on my accomplishment. Are you kidding me? What qualification do you have?

Have you all seen the ceremony yesterday? Every single one of our people is better than you old bastards in the Zhongnan pit if you dare to fight with them. We will definitely knock you to the ground with only one punch. Under the same conditions, you, the CCP bastards are nothing if you do not use kidnapping or your other false, deceitful, and dirty tricks! Look at our brothers and sisters-in-arms. They are the real Chinese! They are the ones who deserve to be called the real Chinese elites, not the CCP members who have kidnapped the state apparatus for their own advantage, who designate themselves as the so-called “Chinese elites” – the biggest scam in the world. We are about to take you down.

My fellow fighters, you can see the great political change in the US and the world, the great change in the media, following the revealed truth about the coronavirus, and then the great fall of the world economy and even an economic crisis and an economic catastrophe. There were rules behind the World War I, from 1913 to 1919 – from the economic peak to the economic crisis and behind the World War II, from the peak time to a crisis. No kidding.

Brothers and sisters, we are the only people in the world who dare to say so. If the world economy goes up, we will be the first bunch reaching the top; if it goes down, we will still be on the top, standing on our feet the whole time. The biggest beneficiary of all the troubles in the world economy and military will be us, the NFSC citizens. Yesterday’s success can only stay at yesterday. The important thing for us today is that when the sun rises, dozens of brothers in the World Trade Center are going to spend two or three hours to move the equipment out and give the venue back to people who let us rent it. We want to leave a perfect image of Chinese people, the image of the new Chinese people to them. All our fellow fighters from different Himalaya farms, remember: if you did not come, you should think that everything on the scene was done for you; if you were on the scene, always remember not to be conceited. No matter how great the program was and how much contribution you made yesterday, you should always focus on what you can do today, what you can do this afternoon, and what you can do tomorrow. As long as we always look forward, we will be the biggest winner.

Let me tell all our hard-working brothers and sisters-in-arms on the front line: every program that you made is fantastic, is real, even though you are all volunteers without being paid. Whether you are in Asia, Europe, New Zealand, or the US, everyone of you are just fantastic! Everything about yesterday’s ceremony will stay in our fond memory and become the most important cornerstone for our future success. Each event like this is an opportunity to exercise the future leaders of our NFSC, and improve the cohesion and unity of the Whistleblower Movement. Only then can we qualify to truly move to the heart of the world’s political, economic, cultural center and have a say on things.

There will be more great news coming in no more than 40 days. Let’s wait and see until July 17th. Thanks to the hard work and selfless dedication of countless silent fellow fighters. Without you, the Whistleblower Movement couldn’t be successful; without you, nothing would be possible. Thanks a lot!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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