Brainwash glorify the CCP, Fact in contrast

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There is no freedom of speech in China, but few people realize there is no freedom of silence either.

For the party, even abject surrender was not enough. Victims were expected both to accept their guilt and to participate in their own punishment, and then to continue “demonstrating loyalty” to the eternal infallibility of the very party that was victimizing them by declaring its unfailing “correctness”. As if they were ancient “sons of heaven”, whatever these latter-day communist emperors did was right because they possessed their own latter-day “mandate of heaven” and “heaven” could never be wrong. What’s more, the party liked its victims to be silent, passive, and contrite, so even if it later deigned to “rehabilitate” someone it had cashiered, for the victim to protest innocence before the party was ready to grant such ritual absolution was considered unpardonable effrontery! It was the party’s exclusive prerogative to make and unmake its victims, and it alone was entitled to issue pardons, something it did only when this served its own purposes, and then usually only after one “correct political line” had been replaced by a new and even more “correct” political line and a new leader had ascended the party throne. (Never mind if said “new line” was completely at odds with its precursor). And when the whole travesty was finally said and done, the aggrieved were still to agree that, under the “historical circumstances”, their persecutions, incarcerations, exiles, etc. were “correct”….. at least until that moment when the perfidious party decided to “reverse the verdict”. Even then, victims were supposed both to continue pretending no wrongdoing had ever been perpetrated and to express gratitude for the party’s magnanimity in changing their minds. Orville Schell.

Has this changed at all from the past? My thought is that it has not. People in China are guilty until proven innocent and that is unlikely given the prosecution rate there. In China, the justice system has a conviction rate of 99.9%. The rate varies depending on the region. What does that say about the legal system there? Does this mean the police, lawyers, and judges are exceptional at their jobs? I hardly think so.

Brainwashing and communism are almost synonymous, because communism would have died long ago without brainwashing; brainwashing developed to its peak under communism. The two biggest communist countries were the Soviet Union and China (1949-1976). In communism, the euphemism for brainwashing is “propaganda”.  From

Definition of Brainwashing:


Brainwashing is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subjects’ ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds, as well as to change their attitudes, values and beliefs.

This is what happened during the Cultural Revolution and created the Red Guards.

Even today people are afraid to speak up about the faults of the government, it is as I had read: enforced glorification of the government.

(The writer of the article is Canadian born, English name Dawn and Chinese name Li Liming. Dawn was married to a Chinese man whose family name is Li and lived in China for 8 years where she taught English.)

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