A PLA Scientist Presents Shocking Evidence of the CCP’s Evil Plan of Using the Virus to Conquer the World

In the May 30, 2021 GTV live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo said a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) general and also a scientist presented shocking evidence at hearings of the European parliament:

  • The HKU’s P3 lab is the most important channel through which the US and Europe funnel fundings to the CCP;
  • The CCP planned the release of the virus, and after a few failed attempts (in Guangzhou and in the Military World Games), it finally succeeded in a wet market in Wuhan;
  • The purpose of the CCP was to stop the street movement in Hong Kong, ruin Trump’s presidential election, destroy the world economy, push China’s vaccine economy to dominate the world economy, replace the US dollars, and eventually control the world;
  • The CCP has prepared thousands of different coronaviruses and pathogens;
  • The CCP’s next targets are India, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Brazil;
  • None of the CCP officials at the deputy minister level or above was vaccinated;
  • If another pandemic broke out, 1/3 of the US population may die.
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Remember what I am going to say today, everybody. This is the key point – the Hong Kong laboratory, where our scientist Dr. Yan came from, is the most important channel through which the United States and Europe funnel fundings to the Chinese Communist Party. That tells how important our Dr. Li-Meng Yan is. She is important!

So at the several hearings held by the European parliament, people asked what’s in Li-Meng Yan’s reports and asked after the publication of her reports, which scientists and journals had been manipulated by the CCP and written fake articles to counterattack her. After all those were discussed, it went on asking what the real impact of Li-Meng Yan’s reports would be.

In the end, they said, “Now please welcome a scientist from China and let him tell us what really happened”. This scientist, who is a [PLA] general, showed them the video and documents that he possessed, which revealed how the CCP followed its plan to release the virus in Hong Kong, as well as in Wuhan, and in Guangzhou, how their first attempt failed. Then the next big target was the Military World Games, which failed again. Finally they made it in the wet market [in Wuhan].  

The purpose of it was simply to stop the street movement in Hong Kong, and then ruin Trump’s presidential election and destroy the world economy, so that the world economy would follow the CCP’s direction, and China’s vaccine economy would grow from something small to gradually dominate the world economy, and eventually replace the US dollars, allowing the CCP to control the world.

The scientist showed them a total of thousands of different kinds of coronaviruses and also some bacterium, a type of microbial, which is called microbial virus. It’s like some kind of insect growing out of the grass and a certain toxin can be mutated from the insect. Very scary.

Finally the scientist started talking about the vaccine. He said, “I don’t believe any of the top officials in the United States were really vaccinated. None of the deputy ministers of the Chinese Communist Party was vaccinated.” And then he told them, “You Europeans would have fallen for it if you were vaccinated.” It turned out that half of these parliamentary people, I believe, half of them, had been vaccinated already, so this really scared them all to death.

Then it was said that these video clips shook the world. This is why after he testified, Fauci immediately changed his tone, and was no longer insisting its natural origin but from the lab. And this is why the U.S. President immediately opened the investigation, all the world’s media immediately changed their tones, Facebook immediately removed these so-called fake news labels and stopped calling them conspiracy theories, Twitter stopped behaving so crazily, and Google also stopped censoring information. All these scientists in France and the United Kingdom were immediately allowed to speak; several major journals were also allowed to publish articles; and our scientist (Dr. Li-Meng Yan) suddenly became so popular that everyone wanted to interview her.  

There is an even more important story behind this one, which I want to share with my fellow fighters now. It is that this scientist [who testified in Europe], his family have all been rescued and now in Japan. Let me tell you, what’s more important is that he told all the people a fact they could not even imagine: India, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and New Zealand are all the CCP’s next major targets, including Brazil! And he seriously warned the United States that if another pandemic broke out, it will definitely not be half a million or a million – possibly 1/3 of the population of the United States would be at life-threatening risk. This is not a joke. This is not a joke.

That’s why yesterday Secretary Pompeo said that if there was another outbreak, 30 million people could die, for which he was conservative. According to our analysis and various scientists’ analysis, it is estimated that at least hundreds of millions or even more people will die if it breaks out again. This is exactly the same as what Mr. Bannon’s War Room Pandemic talked about from December 2019 to 2020, on January 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th to January 25th and the same as what our scientist (Dr. Yan) said at that time.

We didn’t want it to happen, but it indeed happened.

(The above translation and content are the view of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of GNEWS or others.)

Video source: https://gtv.org/video/id=60b38ee8f6ff4b33fb95c2fa (57:22-1:02:02)
Acknowledgement: Thanks to the Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast Group for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1285961/ 

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