CCP Must Pay: Millions of Chinese People Have Died in Communist China over Past 72 Years

Gen. Charles Flynn, brother of Michael Flynn, took command of U.S. Army Pacific on Friday, vowing to continue transforming the 90,000-soldier force into one that can meet the challenge of Communist China.

  • Unlike military officers in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), U.S. military personnel rise to the top by military merit.
  • The U.S. system has always allowed capable people to be valued. The CCP, on the other hand, destroys the best talent and puts the evil spirits in important positions.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in an interview with Axios on the Covid-19 origin probe that the U.S. must get to the bottom of this.” The United States needs to delve deeper into the origins of COVID-19 and hold China accountable,” he added.

  • If the U.S. is setting up a virus investigation team, it’s unlikely that Anthony Fauci and Peter Da will get involved. 

CCP’s state media continues to intensify their internal communist propaganda by saying “CCP must inject Chinese connotations into international discourse” and “China has not disappointed socialism”. 

  • Throughout history, only socialist countries like communist China and the Soviet Union have been the most vicious to their own people and killed the most of their own people.
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