Fauci Causes the Arrests of Chinese Whistleblowers, Who Is Covering Up for Him?

In the June 3, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Guo revealed that Fauci’s emails directly led to the arrest of whistleblowers in mainland China and his case is likely to bring out more people in the scientific community who colluded with the Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Guo also revealed that there were high-level officials in the United States who covered it up for Fauci.

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Some of our fellow fighters in mainland China didn’t tell me until today that several domestic fellow fighters have been arrested after Dr. Fauci’s emails were exposed. It was because they were so unsophisticated that they contacted Dr. Fauci, but Fauci set a trap for them. Then they all got arrested. Some of our fellow fighters just told me that, but they were afraid to tell me before. The first time I heard about Fauci’s name was from these fellow fighters. 

There is so much that I cannot share with you now. But I will let you know at the appropriate time. There is more to Dr. Fauci’s emails than what has been exposed so far. Exposing Fauci at the critical time is much better than knocking him down too early.

Fauci is like the bait, luring out the US and the world’s scientific community and the world’s scientific journals, scientific media, and mainstream media, who have been corrupted by the BGY plot and colluding with the CCP. Have you noticed the mainstream media in the US are all silent? They all have been colluding with each other. I have told you already, but you may not have believed me – it is all part of the CCP’s “human corpse pill” plan and its ambition to control the world.

A few months ago, I mentioned the American friend who took a trip to China. He met with those old bastards at the Zhongnan Pit. A bastard raised a glass wine and said with excitement, “Hey, have a drink. You are my good friend in America. Don’t be so nervous. Think about it. How many people were in the world 50 years ago? Considering the 7.5 billion people living on he planet, a few to tens of millions of deaths would be nothing.” This bastard also said that people are expendable. The living will not struggle and fight for the dead – three weeks at the most, then they will forget. The shock struck the American. The bastard said: “Let’s drink the wine.” Then he drank a glass of iron-lid Moutai (a special Moutai wine provided to the most powerful class).

This American friend came back to the US and told me that – which I mentioned in my last broadcast – he suddenly saw through the CCP. He said these CCP bastards didn’t care at all. He said he could tell from their words that the CCP was already prepared for tens, or even hundreds, of millions of people to die. Dr. Fauci knew that, and so did all the officials in the US who were higher in rank than Fauci. Now everybody is saying Fauci is the bad guy. But who’s covered up for him? Dr. Fauci still hasn’t been punished for anything until now, has he? And the media didn’t talk much about it either. Why? It is quite simple, because there is a story behind it, and the story behind it is a tragedy.

The NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement are the only ones in humankind who are telling the truth. That is the greatness of our NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement.

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