The Double Mutant Strain Made the Indian Epidemic Completely Uncontrollable!

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India’s population is several times that of the United States, and there is a large gap in medical conditions compared to the United States. However, the rate of infection with the CCP virus and the death rate in India is much lower than in the United States. To date, 32.55 million people have been infected and 582,000 have died in the United States, and 15.88 million have been infected and 184,000 have died in India. There are two main reasons that are generally recognized. One is that India has a younger population that is more resistant to the virus. The other is that India’s early promotion of a hydroxychloroquine-based cocktail treatment contributed greatly to effective control of the epidemic. However, due to the proliferation of the super mutant B.1.617 virus, the epidemic situation in India is rapidly worsening.

According to the WHO report, among the 5.2 million new infections recorded worldwide last week, the number of infections in India has increased by 1.5 million in a single week. In the last three days of this week, the number of new cases reported in a single day in India continued to increase exponentially. Nearly 300,000 people were infected on the 21st (Wednesday), including 2,023 new deaths. Over the past week, the average number of new cases in the U.S. was 64,500 per day, and the average number of deaths in seven days was 729, which is much lower than India’s. This only shows that the epidemic in the United States is in a relatively flat period, but the number of infections remains at a high level. It also reflects the extraordinary severity of the epidemic in India.

Considering the limited testing conditions in India, the inability to report the number of infections in a timely and accurate manner, and the depletion of medical resources during the epidemic, one can conclude that the epidemic in India is out of control. New Delhi, the capital of India where medical conditions are better, is turning various public facilities into temporary hospitals. Ramanan Laxminarayan, director of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in New Delhi, said that without oxygen, it is difficult to find a hospital bed, it is impossible to get a test and the health care system has broken down. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Indian people on Tuesday that our country is facing a huge challenge from the CCP virus.

Indian virologist Shahid Jamir believes that the double mutation virus outbreak is the only “logical explanation” for the spread of the epidemic in India. He criticizes the authorities for not paying enough attention to the CCP virus mutations. As of December last year, India had only sequenced the genome of 5,000 samples, which is clearly insufficient. The CCP virus, which was recently named super variant B.1.617, spread in India last year. The peak protein of this variant has a double mutation, and its infectious power is significantly increased. It was only on March 25 that India announced that new “double mutant” strains had been detected in various parts of the country. In countries with severe outbreaks, more than 60% of patients have been infected with this strain, exceeding the infection rate of the British variant strain.

WHO announced that the infectivity of the variant strain of CCP virus found in South Africa increased 2.5-fold, and multiple variant strains found in Brazil and the United Kingdom have become pandemic worldwide. The variant virus B.1.617, which was first discovered in India, had a double mutation in the original spike protein strain. This shows that the mutation of the CCP virus is unpredictable and extremely dangerous, and that it is by no means a natural evolutionary phenomenon. The reason is that the CCP army transformed the virus from one that had no human-to-human transmission to one that had human-to-human transmission. The virus has also been endowed with an “intelligent” gene for autonomous evolution, which allows it to increase its toxicity independently, and has all the characteristics of biological weaponry. This is the root cause of the ferocious attack of the CCP virus in India and the world today.

The good news is that India and even the people of the world who are deeply affected by the CCP virus should be free from the CCP biochemical crisis. Mr. Guo Wengui, the founder of the New China Federal State, pointed out today that the CCP already had an antidote when it launched unrestricted biological warfare. The current antidote is only used secretly in the inner circle of the CCP’s top leadership, because if the international community knows the CCP’s antidote, they can prove that the CCP created the CCP virus. Therefore, in addition to doing its best to keep secrets when using the antidote, the CCP will also be careful.

Using the antidote to control the governments of various countries and control the destiny of humanity is the CCP’s ultimate sinister goal. It is predictable that the evil CCP deliberately promotes the epidemic. It even releases new viruses, accelerates the spread of the epidemic and eliminates the population of all ethnic groups in the world to the maximum. Destroy human technology and civilization, weaken the military power of all countries, so as to achieve the goal of planting red flags all over the world to dominate the world. More than 70 years after taking power, the CCP has personally exterminated about 70 million innocent people. The CCP’s anti-human violence in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, as well as its unrestricted biological warfare, are only a continuation of its constant wickedness and brutality. In order to defend their right to life, every righteous person in the world should demand an antidote from the CCP. If the CCP denies and refuses to give, it will resolutely destroy the devil of the CCP, otherwise the time left is really short!

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