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Communism uses capitalism to control capitalism; capital to control democracy; and capitalism to achieve communist rule over the world.

—— Miles Guo,November 20, 2020

Vote is for people who obey the law and have religious beliefs; if they do not obey the law and have no beliefs, the vote is just a tool. When the rule of law can be bought, there is no democracy.

—— Miles Guo November 7, 2020

The U S, the Western system of rule of law, religions, and social stability of all capitalist society in the West , was completely shattered this time, and it was so fragile. In front of capital, in front of communism, in front of a dozen people in the “Zhongnanhai (Beijing)” , became so vulnerable.

—— Miles Guo November 7, 2020

Three years after the Whistleblower Movement, we now face the question of What is the next step for the New Federal State of China? Our declaration is what we pursue.

—— Miles Guo November 7, 2020

Treat yourself objectively, look at others objectively, face the facts rationally, and do not have the cognitive distortions, it is envy, jealousy, hatred, greed, anger, delusion, pride, and jealousy.

—— Miles Guo August 15, 2020

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