Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on June 7th, 2021


Seoul Himalaya Snow

Rome DaVinci Himalaya Shuizhuyu

MOS Himalaya 369(Wenju),Dolores 

Editor: MOS Himalaya Dolores

Translator: MOS Himalaya Dolores

  1. Today,our Fellow Fighters sent me messages, mainly about the Iron Blood Group and the Alliance Committee, there are criticisms and suggestions, in order to good for Whistleblower Movement, please do not say that. I am not accepting critiques, I know these Fighters so well. I want to ask, can you do these suggestions, I will not be hearsay, I always have to be experienced, if I cannot do, I won’t ask others to do so. What I hate most is that Communist Party officials know everything but command others to do it. Like Li Keqiang said a lot which is wrong; Standing Committee Li Ruihuan understand furniture, only me told him that he is totally wrong with furnitures. I had a Big Boss furniture factory in Henan, 18,000 yuan of furniture are cheapest ones. I certainly want to protect the Alliance Committee, this celebration’s simultaneous interpretation, every 20 minutes published an article, they did a good job. We have to have applause, the New Federal State of China people should be well-educated.
  2. The most important thing in the Himalaya UK is to maintain this management system and not to cultivate dictatorship. The ones who put forward their opinions to challenge the Alliance Committee, the ones who sacrificed are all honest people. There are dozens of messages received to catch secret agents, there are those who say that David is a secret agent, if he is, such secret agents please bring more; once said that the Caogen Xiaoge is a secret agent, now it is time to hit their faces. There is also said that the Lao banzhang’s video is pre-recorded, who said it cannot be pre-recorded? I am looking up to David, Mulan work so hard, hundreds of Fighters did the simultaneous interpretation, Lude and Scientist Group’s information are widely spread. Laobanzhang, Changdaoge coordinated all works, I basically did not do anything. We must be conscience, I will accompany them all the way, they still need my compliment! I’m so happy to have my wife cooks for me, more than 30 years’ marriage, we should have respect for each other. The performance of every Fighters in the celebration venue, speaking the truth and having popularity, this is the life we want, do not focus on defect of others. A nation is not perfect, a system is not perfect, and people are not perfect as well. You should ask yourself what you can do. When the Chinese are fighting internally, one person is a wolf, and a group is a sheep.
  3.  I would like to say explicitly today, that we will cut off relations if whoever attacks the Alliance Committee and the Fellow Fighters. Absolutely don’t attack on the Fellow Fighters, the Alliance Committee has rules. Himalaya Paris is officially disqualified, Xiaopijiang against the Alliance Committee when there is a chance; For their investment, please ask for David, or the Alliance Committee if he can’t handle it. Himalaya Germany is also completely disqualified; all Fellow Fighters ask David for help as well. Himalaya Farms of Korean are now being reorganized, Caogenexiaoge will in charge of it, if it’s not successful, all merged into the Himalaya Tokyo JHL.
  4. Peace’s ability and shortcomings are definitely polarized, but she established Himalaya Janpan Sakura after all, changed the status of Japan, and left without complaint; we have to maintain the relationship as siblings, and there is a group of Fellow Fighters still stand with her, the Himalaya Milky Way is now officially approved, condition upon accept the management of the Alliance Committee and cannot attack any other Farms and Fellow Fighters, please contact the Alliance Committee.
  5. The most important thing is to hurry up get your KYC account approved, otherwise will delay Himalaya Coin launch on market; all the Fellow Fighters who bought Gclub membership card are better have an KYC account to get the benefits that you deserved. GTV’s 1 billion share equity is to give all the editors and engineers of Gnews & Gfashion immediately, the next three to five years will send the remaining part shares to our Fellow Fighters; The quota allocation of Himalaya Coin for the volunteers of the VOG and Himalaya Phoenix won’t be missing for sure; The donors of Rule of Law Foundation will be protected by us forever.
  6.  The Iron Blood Group has three more members of Qigelaomei, Reve Tang and Laokai. The KYC must be done this week, otherwise there will be trouble, you will be regretted; Please sign the confidentiality agreement ASAP so you can sign the contract with new GTV,please contact your Himalaya Farm if you have not received the email yet.
  7.  Our Rule of Law Foundation administration should be readjusted to improve efficiency; All Himalaya Farms must coordinate with each other, Himalaya London and G-Translators should not repeat the works, but focus on the core points; I will start working from this afternoon for three consecutive days, there are two court hearings each for 9 hours, and two 4-hour hearings, working 18 hours a day, there will be no live broadcast or even Getter post before Thursday. Please don’t worry!

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