The Chinese People’s Liberation Army and CCP use this bioweapons strategy to achieve their own goals

Video Subtitle Translation:平常心(文常心)

COVID19, a biological weapon, was developed from the very beginning with the participation of the Chinese Communist PLA military, which used the pandemic to further its plans to expand its extensive national power. The Chinese Communist Party has looted and hoarded personal protective equipment from around the world and used this pandemic to provide masks and other personal protective equipment to other countries in return for calling in this favor – a very anti-human and very evil act used by the PLA and the Chinese Communist Party to achieve their intentions!

Material selection: laowu
Task release: 美丽心情
Video Clip: laowu
Translation: 秘密翻译组
Translation and proofreading: 顽皮菩萨
Subtitles: 马丁路德King
Subtitle proofreading: 美丽心情
Video suppression: 美丽心情

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