[Headline News] A Brief Timeline Survey of the Initial Aftermath from Fauci’s Pandemic Emails

By MOS Information Group — Walt

A current hot trending topic is Fauci’s exposed pandemic emails. Although this is a recent and evolving event, it has rapidly gained persistent focus in NFSC (the Federal State of China), Whistle blower Movement and the international political communities. With this article, the author hopes to shed some light on the interactions, from various coverages and their respective focuses, and reactions and responses from different sources.

June1, 2021

An exclusive report [1] on Washington Post revealed the chronology of the events and interactions that Dr. Fauci has been involved with during the pandemic. At the end of the report, a list of emails of interest was included.

June 2, 2021

Another major proponent of this revelation is the popular financial news source, Zero Hedge. The article [2] published on June 2 titled, “Email Shows Researcher Who Funded Wuhan Lab, Admits Manipulating Coronaviruses, Thanked Fauci For Dismissing Lab-Leak Theory,” was written by Tyler Durden who put Zero Hedge on the forefront of this exposure. In this article, Durden started off by explaining the legality of the release, which was part of the public Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Next, he underlined the email exchanges between Fauci, researchers who knew the virus was “potentially engineered” in a lab, and Dr. Peter Daszak, the lead WHO “investigators” tasked with looking into the origins of the pandemic. The latter participated in the funding of Wuhan Institute of Virology for the “past few years to play around with coronaviruses inside the lab” and had publicly dismissed the lab leak theory before any investigation. Durden also provides a link to a 2019’s video, where Dr. Daszak talked about viruses in the lab. In this article, Durden outlined a relationship map using Fauci’s released emails. With Fauci as the central leading character and supporting cast among various figures involved with the virus investigation, Durden presented both their public roles and simultaneously exposed their actual/hidden agendas.

Another source came on the same day, June 2. Wendell Husebo’s article published on Breitbart reported [3] and focused on gain of function funding connection that Fauci has been involved with. In his conclusion, Husebo mentioned Senator Rand Paul’s push for Fauci to testify to the gain-of-function research funding, which seems to move it towards establishing the conscious and deliberate culpability on the gain of function thread.

Jacob Bliss presented a nuanced personality perspective of Fauci in his article [4] published on Breihtbart on June 2 as well. According to the article, Erik Nilsen alluded to Fauci’s “lack of patience” for long emails. Patience for detail is an important character trait for scientific research, the lack of which may hint on Fauci’s lesser qualification in this area.

As an effect and consequence of Fauci’s released emails, a surprisingly fast one, Amazon and Barnes & Noble withdrew Fauci’s upcoming book. This was reported by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge on June 2nd [5]. If this publication pull was because of his released emails, the swiftness of the action was damning and indirectly confirmed damaging content from those Fauci emails.

June 3, 2021

Another article by Tyler Durden on Zero Hedge[6] ignited a rapid fire on this Fauci emails event. The article, “Trump Demands China ‘Pay The World Ten Trillion Dollars’ In Biological War Reparations,” discussed Trump’s call for reparation and has gained support from those who disagreed with him in the past. Durden underlined Trump’s call for Fauci to come clean on many questions, especially what and when he knew about “gain of function.”

Fran Beyer’s June 3 article on NewsMax reported former President Trump priced the cost of China’s COVID-19 damage on US at $10 trillion, he also pointed to Fauci’s culpability showed through Fauci’s recently released emails and his actions during Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

June 4, 2021

Sandy Fitzgerald, another heavy political hitter, reported on NewsMax [7] about the recent remarks and comments of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to the article, Mike Pompeo discussed the accumulating evidence from Fauci’s released emails on Fox News and pointed out that the “wet market [theory] didn’t hold water,” and that the “more likely scenario” is the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In addition, according to Pompeo, and these Fauci emails have also shown, since Fauci, Daszak and others funded the Wuhan lab, they should provide answers to many questions regarding the virus and the pandemic.

Also on June 4, a Reuters article [8] discussed a Financial Times report on Fauci’s request for China to open medical records of “nine people whose ailments might provide vital clues for whether COVID-19 first emerged as the result of a lab leak”. Both Financial Times and Reuters emphasized on Fauci’s continuing belief of transmission of COVID-19 from animals or wild population to humans.

To sum up, the above-mentioned articles showed the gradual but persistent reactions of Fauci’s released emails as illustrated on various news sources. The majority are the investigative proponents seeking the truth of COVID-19. Then we have Fauci’s own responses in the June 3rd/4th Financial Times/Reuters’ articles, trying to negate the spotlight on his released emails, although with little (if any) success. Finally, the business world’s swift reaction as evidenced in Fauci’s book scrubbed from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Collectively these exposé articles, with their sublime but rapid frequency, and their consistent popularity, may be most telling of the things to come on this thread of Fauci’s emails.


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Editor: Eglise Bell |Proofread and posted by: Malaca

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