Why People will Come to Remember June 4th for More than What Happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989

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Many people have come to know June 4th as the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, a bloody crackdown by the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) on student protestors 32 years ago. Very soon, this date may be remembered for yet another event, one with probably more historical significance – the founding of the New Federal State of China (“NFSC”).

The NFSC was initiated by Mr. Miles Guo, leader of the Whistleblower Movement, Mr. Stephen K. Bannon, an American political strategist and well-known for his advocacy of the Populist Movement, and together with millions of fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement from across the world. On June 4th, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Stephen Bannon solemnly announced its establishment to the world in New York, USA. The NFSC has been founded with a singular mission in mind—to take down the CCP and reconstruct China with democracy, rule of law and peace with the world. The founding principles have been laid out in a document called the “Declaration of the New Federal State of China”.

Twelve months later, on June 4th, 2021, the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement have gathered again to commemorate NFSC’s first anniversary, this time with more publicity, more fanfare and with more confidence.

The main event was held on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center of New York, with live broadcast from a dozen locations across the globe where local fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement staged their part of the celebration. The event featured speeches by an impressive and somewhat unexpected list of speakers, with a fair share of theatrics, such as an acrobatic show.

In contrast to last year’s inauguration, which was largely popular with the Chinese audience, this year’s event was graced by the attendance of a list of high-profile guests and speakers. Mr. Steve Bannon showed up with his War-room crew, including Raheem Kassam, Jack Posobiec and Natalie Winters. Rudy Giuliani, in his usual wise and straight-shooting style, spoke forcefully about the importance of putting a target on the CCP. Both Bannon and Rudy are known to be staunch supporters of the NFSC and have worked closely with the Whistleblower Movement for quite some time.

What took many people by surprise is the appearance of several other heavy weight figures, including General Michael Flynn, Peter Navarro, Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Mike Lindell and most notably Mr. John Morgan, heir of the venerable Morgan business empire. Dr. Sellin and Mike Lindell also used the occasion to reveal certain bombshell information about the bio-weapon and origins of COVID-19, and the CCP’s fingerprints in the cyber manipulation of the 2020 US presidential election.

Such a broad range of heavyweights offers a rare glimpse into the scope and depth of support for the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement. It’s obvious that such support goes far deeper and wider than most people realize. What’s also obvious from the events of the day was the singularity of focus of all the guests and speakers – the CCP and its irrefutable culpability in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the event was largely commemorative in nature, the uniformity of purpose and the focus of action seen throughout the day should come as great comfort and encouragement to the fellow fighters of the NFSC. After all, the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC were the first and only group on this planet to publicly declare the elimination of the CCP as its only mission. This group of fighters have worked relentlessly in exposing the truth about the CCP’s criminal regime, such as the massive corruption scandal involving HNA Group, sophisticated elite capture programs in the west, using influence and BGY plot, and most recently the laboratory origin of COVID-19 as bioweapons.

The Whistleblower Movement was the first in the public domain to sound the alarm of the pandemic on January 19, 2020. The group also helped Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the Hong Kong virologist who had intimate knowledge about the potential origin of the virus to escape from Hong Kong and flee to the US last April. Against all odds, the Movement fought against the CCP and its collaborators in the western media and scientific community. Slowly over the course of the last 18 months, they managed to get the truth out to an increasingly larger audience. It is no wonder that its leader Miles Guo is now considered as the most feared person by the CCP. With more and more evidence pointing to a bio-weapon origin of COVID and more and more people convinced of CCP’s role in this pandemic, one can almost hear the sound of the last nails being struck into the CCP’s coffin.

“Truth is invincible”. It’s a catch phrase coined and popularized by Miles Guo and has since inspired and galvanized millions of supporters of NFSC globally. Truth is indeed power. The past 12 months bear testimony to how this power could propel a grass-root movement with a humble beginning like the Whistleblower Movement to where it stands today.

Just one year after its establishment, the NFSC is now truly a force to be reckoned with.

What should we look forward to on its 2nd anniversary? I have every reason to believe that the world will be holding its breath.

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