Let Success stay in yesterday; Let we continue to fight! Miles Guo sent out his 64 anniversary celebration messages

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Yesterday – 4th June was a great day, but the Communist China was more like a hell the same day

For example, people in Communist China couldn’t even change their avatars on their phones

Nobody could use WhatsApp in Communist China either

GM was simply not available

Nothing could be uploaded onto internet

The issue this time is not because of VPN, but because of the basic internet connections

Their fear is our weapon.

Furthermore, brothers and sisters, we have used our own source code developed by GTV software engineers to do the live broadcast last night

We also developed our own subtitling system which can provide subtitles in 9 different languages in real-time

All of these will greatly enhance the value of GTV for all investors

We are making money while taking down the CCP

Now rich people are busy conducting wealth risk mitigation plans in response to the eradication of CCP and the coming worldwide financial crisis.

The world is now heavily armed everywhere

in response to the disappearance of the CCP and the worldwide financial crisis

Fear of insecurity of wealth will lead to

Their fear of insecurity of their wealth will drive their assets to flow into our Himalayan Reserve

Yesterday’s success shall be left in yesterday

We need to think about what we need to do today and tomorrow

We always look forward into the future

Everything about yesterday’s show

will remain as our fond memories

Every challenge we have faced

is an opportunity of training the future hardcore of New Federal State of China

training the cohesive unity of the Whistleblower Movement

Only then will we be qualified to

truly enter the center stage of the world including

politics, economy, culture and the right to speak

In the next 40 days

more great news is on the way

Wait until July 17th

We’ll see what will happen

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Dictation finishing: Zuoerwuzuo

Translation: MengTian

Proofreader: :SugarPup

Video production: 農夫,雨聲(文忠)

Review:getter Group

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