[Commentary] U.S. Senators visit Taiwan by military aircraft

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Deutsche Welle: On Sunday, June 6th, U.S. Senators Ladda Tammy Duckworth, Daniel Scott Sullivan and Christopher Andrew Coons arrived at Songshan Airport on a C-17 transport plane.

The three senators came from South Korea, where they are currently on a visit. During this visit, they also met with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Democratic Senator Duckworth said in his speech that, “the United States will donate 750,000 doses of vaccines to Taiwan.” 

The senator added, “We’re here to tell you that America will not let you face this alone. We will stand with you to make sure the people of Taiwan get what they need to beat the epidemic …… because we recognize your urgent needs and value our partnership.”

Republican Senator Sullivan also deliberately wore a special mask with the words “Love From Taiwan” on it. He pointed to the mask and said, “This is love from America, too.”

This is yet another collaboration between American multi-party lawmakers under the tense situation across the Taiwan Strait. 

Previously, the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly expressed its willingness to provide the CCP vaccine to Taiwan, but Taiwan has refused it claiming that the CCP vaccine is not safe. The United States is now willing to donate 750,000 doses of vaccine, and it is on the top list of the donations. Taiwan is pleased to accept it. In this vaccine contest, the United States slapped the CCP.

It is worth noting that the plane they took this time was a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport plane, which was different from the executive jets usually taken by high-level American visitors in the past.

The CCP military has always told the United States, “The day when the U.S. military dares to land on Taiwan is the day our military regains Taiwan.” 

The United States has always pursued a “fuzzy strategy” to avoid direct contact with the sensitive nerves of the Chinese Communists. Now, the U.S. Senator visiting Taiwan directly by military plane shows that the U.S. Capitol Hill and the Pentagon have reached a consensus on the Taiwan Strait issue.

This is an important cooperation between Congress and the Ministry of National Defense, and it is an “anti-impact” operation against the Chinese Communist Party.

The first is to show that the United States has shifted its strategy in the Taiwan Strait: replacing the previous “fuzzy strategy” with a more powerful “competitive model.” 

The second is to test the CCP and the bottom line of the CCP’s military. 

The third is to show that the United States strongly supports Taiwan and is not afraid to offend Beijing’s attitude.

On the anniversary of D-Day (June 6th, 1944, landing in Normandy, France), the U.S. military aircraft landed in Taiwan in a high-profile manner, which is believed to be of great symbolic significance.

Picture source: DW


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