Anti-social Murder on the Rise in China due to Despair

Author: Xu / News Collector: Jason, Xu/ Translator: billwilliam

The number of anti-social murder or assault cases are surging in China due to stress, unemployment, and a general sense of despair. This is common among deplorables at the bottom of the society, who choose to vent their anger at other innocent people.

On June 5, a man stabbed several victims in the street in Anqing City, Anhui Province.

Recently, China experienced a surging number of serious, anti-social assault cases, raising public concerns. In just half a month, the four serious assault cases listed here resulted in eleven deaths and thirty injured by various degrees.

As illustrated by the chart, all the perpetrators are young males in their prime age of strength. Yet because most of them are unemployed, they chose to vent their anger by attacking innocent people indiscriminately, including even students in school.

Whereas official reports list different motives for their crimes, the economic impact of unemployment or even failed investment cannot be ignored. High consumer prices and high housing prices can make people mentally fragile and irascible.

According to the annual “World Happiness Index Report” published by the United Nations in 2021, China ranks 85th among the 149 countries surveyed worldwide. Although the CCP’s propaganda claims the ranking rises by 10 places in comparison to the survey in 2019, its ranking also falls by 6 places in comparison to 2017’s ranking of 79th place.

In China ruled by the CCP, deplorables at the bottom of the society have extremely low sense of happiness. Even if some people may survive the virus released by the CCP, they may not dodge this kind of anti-social assault in which people at the bottom of the society attack each other. This vicious circle spreads like ripples. Ignoring the problem cannot resolve it. The problem can only be solved by overthrowing the ruling CCP kleptocrat families that are good at shifting blames and even inciting the people to hurt each other.

(This article only represents the author’s personal views)

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