Lee Cheuk-yan went on hunger strike in prison, lit 6 Long and 4 Short Matches, and sang “Freedom Flower” in remembrance of 32nd anniversary of June 4

Author: MOS Hong Kong Group Mili

Lee Cheuk-yan, the Chairman of Hong Kong Association in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, was jailed becuase of his participation of unauthorized assemblies on August 18th and 31th, 2019. He had to mourn for June 4th in prison this year. His social media today (June 5th) posted that he mourned alone for June 4th in prison yesterday and felt the loneliness of being unable to mourn together with the residents outside the walls. The post also mentioned that Lee Cheuk-yan was very angry when he learned that the Vice Chairman of the Association, Chow Hang-tung,  has also been arrested and Victoria Park has been closed. However, he was encouraged by the persistence of the public in mourning for June 4th. despite of all the difficulties.

Lee Cheuk-yan’s FB posted this evening under the title “One Man Mourns Over June 4th”. Since Lee was improsoned, he has not expressed regrets. However, last night, he felt the loneliness of not being able to mourn with the residents outside the walls.

Lee began his hunger strike at 8pm on June 3 and it lasted 36 hours. During that time, he was ordered to see a doctor five times. He was also required to have blood pressure and blood sugar tested. At 8 pm of June 4th, Lee lit 6 long matches and 4 short matches, and sang “ Freedom Flower” alone, then he heard a response from a nearby cell.

The post also mentioned that Lee learned of the arrest of Chow Hang-tung, the Vice Chairman of the Association, and that Victoria Park ’s football pitch and turf were completely enclosed. A large number of police officers stopped and searched.

All stated above have shown that the regime (CCP) has been attempting to ban the mournings completely. This made him furious. Lee also questioned “how can we talk about 《one country, two systems》when a single event of June 4th mourning can not be tolerated?”

Lee  Cheuk-yan was encouraged that a large number of Hong Kong residents continued to mourn for June 4 with their lights and candlelight. “I would like to thank every Hong Kong resident for their perseverance,” he said.

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