An Evil Man Is the Making of His Own and an Evil Crowd Is the Making of the System

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A three-year-old girl was forced to eat faeces by a teacher at a kindergarten in Kunming City, China, because she, by her own words, “was not reading well or eating her meal properly”. Her parents said she is always an honest girl and there is no reason to believe she lied. The local education authorities have responded with a joint investigation into the matter with the police. A shocking number of similar incidents of child abuse in this country have recently come to pass. They are too many to remember and we have become numb with anger. The Chinese have long held the virtues of respecting our elders and protecting our youngsters. It’s human nature to do so because we all have our own parents and children.

However, when abusing the weak becomes commonplace, we know something has gone terribly wrong with the society at large. The society in Communist China has lost its collective moral bearings and caved in almost exclusively to the worship of money and power. Rampant hatred and rage have insidiously miscalibrated the moral standard inside the average man and woman, leading them further astray from the path of faithfulness. Without a real belief in their hearts, they are unable to distinguish right from wrong and live in a state of chaos, while pursuing the illusory happiness and joy.

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