[Commentary] COVID-19 Vaccine: An Alternative Look into Its Unreported Side

By MOS — Maverick (Raphael03)

The Covid-19 Pandemic (also known as the CCP virus) has lasted for a year and a half up to this point, and most people around the world have been suffering directly due to the virus itself and effects brought by the pandemic. We cannot wait to get things back to normal just as before it started. This is understandable, and the vaccine seems to be the only thing that can complete this quest. 

Here, we will take a look at the unreported side of the Covid-19 vaccine to give an alternative perspective about the vaccination.

Mainstream media worldwide have been reporting the progress of vaccination since it started, particularly about the decreasing number of cases, followed by how things are or will be back to normal according to the number of population who are vaccinated. News reports are overwhelmingly filled with positive outcomes associated with COVID-19 vaccination, which implies the reopening of economy and things getting back to normal. The negative aspects of the vaccine, such as those various “side-effects” including blood clot, inflammatory, and in more serious case, death, remain massively unreported or being brushed off as “belongs to the minority”.

Investigations have been underway in many developed countries on incidents about blood clot, brain inflammation and heart attacks. There are scientists and doctors who are against massive vaccination program due to numerous unreported incidents of vaccine associated hospitalization and deaths, as well as compulsory vaccination program which violates human right and the Nuremberg Code of Experimental Vaccine.

There are many deaths of suspected association with Covid-19 vaccines. A more well-known example of vaccine associated case is the death of Lisa Shaw, BBC’s presenter. She was feeling seriously ill after she was injected with the Astra Zeneca vaccine. She was eventually diagnosed with blood clot and bleeding, and unfortunately died shortly afterwards. People know about this because she is a relatively reputable person, and mainstream media still state this was a “minority” case and vaccines are safe. 

In contrast to the vaccine, there is a drug, hydroxychloroquine, has been crazily attacked by mainstream media and authorities in the West, claiming that this will not be effective against Covid-19 and it will have serious side effects to our body. However, just as Dr. Yan Li Meng, the brave and credible defecting doctor from the Hong Kong P3 lab, said, anything will have side effects, even drink water. The outcomes of using hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 patients have been proved highly effective. Dr Vladimir Zelenko, a family doctor in the US is the earliest advocate for this drug and Dr. Didier Raoult in France, who use Dr. Zelenko’s prescription also proved that it has very favorable outcome.  

People should be informed of the possible side effects and long term adverse effects of the vaccine, but those are barely seen. In contrast, mainstream media overwhelmingly encourage people to get vaccinated and emphasize its safety without giving reliable, credible and solid data. At this point, the origin of the virus remains uncertain for the world majority of population, although the investigation of the origin of the virus was eventually started recently, led by the Western countries. Furthermore, the current vaccines that were claimed to be effective were developed and promoted into massive use in less than a year. Before going into the scientific aspect of whether the vaccine is effective or not, does this make any sense first?

Politics have been a big thing since the beginning of the pandemic, and this is exacerbated in the process of investigation of the origin of the virus, because it exposes the corruption of the system in the western countries, notably the US, causing people to start questioning about the origin of the Covid-19 and its association with the high-ranking elites in their own country. Such examples include recent America’s NIH head Anthony Fauci’s email exposure, which prompted people to suspect that he funded the gain of function research in the military laboratory of the Communist China, and Bill Gates’s involvement in the development of the coronavirus. All these appear to expose the facts of the CCP’s “BGY” plan in the US and reveal the possible evil agenda of some Western elites attempting to commit atrocities on humanity.

In the end, we all want this to be over soon, but is the vaccine really the solution? There are already enough red flags about the vaccine, and any alternative solutions, even proved to be effective, have been actively suppressed by the mainstream media. People should really ask more questions before allowing them to jabbed into their body, particularly the long-term adverse effects. This really matters to ourselves, our family and our society, therefore we should not blindly submit to what the authorities and media encourage us to do.


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