Highlights of 1st Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, 2021(24)


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Mr. Miles Guo addressed:
1.    We have shown the world the best and the truest side of us. I can’t express in any words, in any body language, in any situation the pleasure and sense of success I feel now that we have opened up the world to serious media, social media, and justice media that has never been seen before.
2.    The Whistleblower Movement cannot be achieved without you, but more important is action. How do 1.4 billion compatriots should face to?  Today, we have to fight without bleeding, violence, seeing that we have a civilized social media GTV in this era and 1.4 billion Chinese who have been oppressed for 70 years are standing together. Every word of the Fighters today, the legend in each person cannot be described with any words, we don’t need any praise, we don’t need anyone to recognise us, we don’t need anyone to give us a penny, we have the ability to make enough fortune.
3.    Next year when June 4th comes, you can imagine what the scene is. Each of us is so wonderful that we are in action. Those who stand in front are stepping on the shoulders of their Fighters who are behind. We are not slaves, we want civilized resistance, non-violent resistance. The legend in each of us does not need anyone’s pity, we have the power. Today’s spectacle is financed by the Rule of Law Foundation, the efforts and popularity of our Fellow Fighters. We will fight to the end for our children and grandchildren. At this moment, the Communist Party’s favorite way to eat human flesh is the placenta. This is not the darkness before the dawn, we have a long way to go. What kind of achievement do we need to bring to celebrate the June 4th next year? We are nothing without the donations of our Fighters, we could not be where we are today without the Rule of Law Foundation and the G Series. It’s incredible that we accomplished all the things we did this year. The darkness is definitely not here yet, we have to continue in the darkness for a very long time, if we lose our direction, if our faith is not strong, if we don’t look upwards, we will be lost in the darkness. The G Series is not our ambition, the main thing is to use the now-days civilization, not to use violent and lies, to act completely with truth, in front of all the cameras, to transparently pursue Independent Law, Freedom of faith and every single person to live with dignity.
4.    This darkness will stay quite long, we must not take today as a pride, we can praise ourselves today, we should think about what we have to do when the sun rises tomorrow morning. 1.4 billion compatriots are still in deep suffering, they are not able to feel the amazing life that we have now. We thank the civilized societies of the Western. For the sake of tomorrow’s security, I can’t to be there, that’s the greatest protection for our Fellow Fighters. We pursue democracy, the rule of law, and the freedom of faith, which we are all born to have. For the sake of our ambition, we must have to give up something for our goal.
5.    The biggest difference between this year and last year is that the CCP’s internet firewall is higher because we make them fearful. And more importantly of this year, the foreign audiences are more than the Chinese, and the foreigners concerning about are much more than last year. How to strengthen ourselves, without the success of the G series, without the spirit and power of the Rule of Law Foundation, without adhere to the principle of only the truth is unbreakable, without the love and kindness among our Fellow Fighters, without tolerance, we couldn’t be so successful. In the past four years, how many people have gray hair, but many people do not have the chance to be like us, we should cherish the opportunity to take down the CCP. Protect our Fellow Fighters, protect our victories, be strong to speak out aloud, and we can do anything what we wish to.
6.    When we have true siblings and great power, we can do anything. Everything we do is our own responsibility for the consequences, that is only the truth is unbreakable, we have to have tolerance. Today we prove to the world that the Chinese are the truest, the most beautiful and courageous. To achieve our goal, the New Federal State of China will take down the CCP! I propose a moment of silence for the more than 3,000 souls who lost their lives in the 911 terrorist attacks in New York! 60 seconds of silence for our compatriots who lost their lives 32 years ago at this moment in Tiananmen Square! We applaud 9 times and thank the great United States! We pray for 7.5 billion of all mankind, Gods bless us! We applaud for about 700 Fellow Fighters in mainland who are persecuted by the CCP. We will celebrate next year! On the top of the Freedom Tower, bring back the Statue of Liberty to China. There is no difference in race, no difference in hierarchy, no difference in left wing or right, no difference in young or old, all human beings are equal, and we love the people all over the world. And that’ s the end of the party today! See you all next year!

Refer Link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1296498/

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