Highlights of 1st Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, 2021 (22)

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At the main venue, “Real People & Real Story” celebration of June 4th program is featuring live interviews with Miss Ah Bing from Washington Farm, Flying Bird from Vancouver Farm, Wen Feng from Toronto Farm, Wen Ge Qi Xiong from Spanish farm, and Qi Ge Lao Mei from Boston Farm.

1. Miss Ah Bing:  It feels like a dream. We have a mission to complete the unfinished task of June 4th, 1989.  We have so many young and talented fellow fighters, NFSC is full of hope.

2. Flying Bird:  I met so many friends on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center, and I was most moved by the wonderful celebration, meeting fellow fighters from all over the world, and our NFSC is the hope of Chinese people.  

3. Wen Feng: I want to say that the biggest surprise of the day was the appearance of Dr. Yan when Chang Dao Ge asked us to go downstairs to welcome a VIP.  Dr. Yan’s speech was so wonderful and powerful, along with Mr. Bannon and other VIPs who came.  The revelation of the truth about the coronavirus was really a source of pride for our NFSC.  I really want to thank Mr. Lu De for his grit with the twice-daily program.  Looking back on Dr. Yan’s escape, it was really a God send.  Lu De and Mr. Guo have saved countless people. Dr. Yan and Mr. Lu De are the pride of the Chinese people.

4. Qi Ge Lao Mei:  Today, the most handsome person is Brother-7.  Together, we can definitely “TAKE DOWN THE CCP!”

5. A representative from Himalaya Connecticut Pangu farm: Thank you, everybody. We will be able to get together again in the future.

6. Wen Ge Qi Xiong: We should not forget this part of history.  Justice may be late, but it will never be absent.  Being here personally, I can feel the full force of NFSC is to be reckoned with. We can definitely take down the CCP.

7. Chang Dao Wei Ge interviewed top donors of the Rule of Law Foundation and representatives of people who are persecuted and thanked them for their support and contribution to the Whistleblower Movement.

8. Tian Ye Zhi Zi: I was first exposed to Whistleblower Movement in 2017.  The explosive revelation of HNA Group shocked me.  I donated in 2019 for the first time. After several tries, I was able to donate on September 9th, 2019, successfully.  

9. Flying Bird:  I started to donate back in early 2019. I faced many obstacles and was able to donate through a personal relationship with the bank employee successfully. Rule of Law Foundation is our hope. The NFSC is the only hope that leads us to freedom.  While facing difficulties making money transfer, I think we shouldn’t lose our bravery and courage and invest without expecting anything in return. 

10. Yinmei Lin:  I started to donate in 2019. It is relatively easy in the US. We want to support the Rule of Law Foundation and contribute to Whistleblower Movement to achieve our democracy, the rule of law, and freedom.

11. Pao de Kuai:  I like to travel by car, and I have spent a night accompanying a friend 5000 meters above sea level. That is how I gave myself the name of Pao de Kuai (Running Fast). 

I was evicted by the CCP twice, and my houses were demolished. I complained to the central government, and I even managed to find a connection to Peng Liyuan to explain the situation, but it fell on deaf ears.

I heard Brother-7 told his story, and I am a smaller version of him. It is very emotional. During my immigration process, they found out that I plan to leave the country. They seized my company, confiscated my property. My son was once lured back to China. Luckily, he ran away. However, we lost our money. Now our family only have money to live from day today.

The CCP came to the US in 2015 to persuade me to go back to China. My wife is now on the Red Notice list, our friends stay away from us, and they sent people to the US to threaten us. I called the police. I started to record the conversation the next time they approached me. 

In 2017, I heard Brother-7’s Whistleblower Movement. My eyes lit up. I saw hope. I must follow Brother-7, with Brother-7 as our leader. We are no longer afraid. I will donate and invest whenever there is an opportunity; my son also joined the Whistleblower Movement, he adores Uncle-7. The Whistleblower Movement saved my whole family!

Refer Link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1296389/

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