Highlights of 1st Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, 2021(21)


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Himalaya Japan :

1. The violin and piano performance of the Fellow Fighter with the video of Hong Kong Protest, Tiananmen Square Protest and Coronavirus Tragedy as well as our cry is very powerful.

2. The performance of Fellow Fighters’ sanshin, big drum and drum set was enthusiastic and festive, fully highlighting the new outlook of our NFSC people in the new era. A free mind and persistent faith turn out to allow people to change themselves completely and to live for themselves. The drum beat with Mr. Miles Guo’s song “Drink Down the CCP”, it really has a different style.

3. Caogen Xiaoge: Dear Fellow Fighters, June 4th is a special day before the establishment of the NFSC, it was a sad day, which will be completely changed after June 4th, 2020. Today we can fight back, and Brother Miles is leading us to exterminate the CCP together. The Himalaya Coin is also going on the market, this is a real war with the CCP, we want more than ever at this time, and we will pay any price to win. After today’s celebration, we will continue to engage in intense fighting. Modern warfare is not about having to go to the battlefield, we participate in it through our own cameras, the Chinese must stand up for themselves. Our era has come, join now! It’s time to stand up, everything is just begun, we’ll see!

4.Peace: Hello, dear Fellow Fighters! We, the Fighters from Japan salute to all of you around the world and thank all the donors of the Rule of Law Foundation. Following Brother Miles, each of us has found our position, and I love every one of our Fellow Fighters! Although we are all fighting on-line, we have a common goal! I look forward to being together again next year today! Thank you all.

5. Ding Yu Er Zun: I’m very happy to attend today’s celebration, and I’d like to express my gratitude to all the volunteers and salute the Fighters all over the world! The bleeding of June 4th in 1989 will not be in vain, the fighters of the NFSC will continue to speak out aloud and fight together, all our free souls will assemble, let’s unite together to exterminate the CCP! Happy Birthday to the New Federal State of China! Thank you all.

6. Singapore Himalaya, Seoul Himalaya and Taiwan Himalaya send their blessings through video. Himalaya Farms all over the world are like a family, we love each other.

7. Today, the pianist is our Fighter Apple: I’m from Malaysia, my boyfriend brought me to the big family of Whistleblower Movement, it feels very fulfilling and meaningful; I am very nervous today, I hope to do better next time.

8. Mr. Gongkou,Japanese artist, very good in chinese: my wife and father-in-law are Chinese, they support me to anti-communist .

9. Fellow Fighter: I am very excited to attend this celebration, last year I was just watching the establishment of the NFSC, this year I can attend this anniversary, if there are 1.4 billion of you and me, we can definitely overthrow the Communist Party, thank you all!

10. Ms.Cat: I came to Japan because I yearned for freedom, civilization and happiness, I am glad I came to Japan and join the Whistleblower Movement and know the truth, it’s not that we are not good, it’s the China Communist Party that destroyed our civilization, I hope everyone will get involved, the NFSC is our hope, wish we are getting stronger and stronger.

11. The Host: Some people are saying that we, Chinese cannot have freedom and democracy, look at Taiwan and Hong Kong, their smiling faces! It is Brother Miles’s righteous and courage lead us, we are all in a war, we have to sweat tears and even bleeding, congratulate our New Federal State of China, and will make it glory again!

12. The whole audience stands up and puts a well end to today’s celebration with Japanese Fighters. The ribbons flew, and the Japanese Venue of the event came to a successful ending.

Refer Link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1296317/

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