Highlights of 1st Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, 2021 (17)

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Highlights of  former Mayor of New York City, Mr. Rudy Giuliani’s speech in the main venue:

1. Thank you very much for inviting me. I’ve only come here four or five times since September 11th. I don’t like to come here because it brings back too many memories, but I can’t think of a better group of people here to talk about the liberation of the Chinese people.  I’m here at a very different time now, and I think a very dangerous time in history, we shouldn’t let the terrorists get away with it.

2. The Chinese people suffer more from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) than any other country. We must say the word CCP.  We are suffering from division if we don’t hold on to our democracy and our freedom.  The pandemic should now be called the Fauci pandemic, and Chinese people suffer the most from the CCP virus. We used to go to church to celebrate the holidays, yet we can’t go now because of the virus, and the government’s inaction has cost us a lot.  The constitutional amendments are also under attack, our people are like lambs to the slaughter. Those evil people think it is stupid to believe in God, and trying to taking God out of America. Our elites turn a blind eye to this, they don’t understand how important God is to us and that it would be a disaster if we got rid of God. We have a mask mandate.  The nature of authoritarianism is reflected in some governors, banning religious gatherings, these hypocritical dictators, like the CCP, who are parasitic on low-income people.

3.  I can’t believe large-scale censorship of speech is happening in the United States. For example, censoring speech of Hard Drive Gate. Why don’t we look at what’s on those hard drives?  I got this hard drive with a lot of correlating evidence, a lot of intriguing things.  I have dealt with the criminals as prosecutors, they became rich and then joined politics and went to the Middle East to negotiate deals that resulted in many sacrifices.  Biden signed a $1.5 billion real estate deal in Iraq.  The who was raised by the CCP has even become the President of the United States, making people hate the American flag and our founding fathers. 

They are killing police through BLM and Antifa protests.  In history, we have saved the most African people.  They are trying to turn us into socialist countries that don’t worship God, and we will not be defeated.  Only we can defeat ourselves because if we are not united, large-scale censorship can take place in our country.  That’s why we could not see the content of the hard drive.  

Politicians raked in millions of dollars and then went to Iraq and negotiated a deal and then a lot of people lost their lives. They also colluded with Ukraine, who are the oligarchs with strong influence, and then left it for Biden to sort it out.  A man like Biden was fed by the CCP and he ended up as the President of the United States.  Such things can trace back to 150 years ago when they let people burn their flags, insult their founding fathers, and let them pursue the so-called virtues of so-called communism.  On 9/11 we lost 48 police officers who protected us.  We must educate our Americans on how to protect our country from becoming a communist country.

4. Only the CCP will benefit from America becoming a communist country, and what we need to realize is that the CCP is spreading the CCP virus.  We cannot allow the people to be blindfolded, that is what the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is doing and I want to thank you for doing this, it is so valuable! The CCP must go to hell, that’s where it should have gone, let evil go to hell!

Refer Link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1296019/

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