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Lude interviews Tang Ping and William Wong to talk about Mr. Miles Guo’s new song “The Hero” and the persecution of Mongolians by CCP.

1. Mr. Lude: What message do you want to send to people with “The Hero”?

2. Mr. Guo: I watched the music video of “Hero” for the first time as well, and it’s great! The song has all the themes and tunes, the message you want to deliver. The music video was filmed at the airport in Long Island, with a Maybach and a Rolls Royce that being said was rented by phony pro-democracy activists . The song has Mongolian elements, Mongolian language and rap integrated together, so fantastic! The song belongs to me and was written for me. The lyrics ‘Destroy the Communists’ are sung in Mongolian, inspired by the China Communist Party’s erasure of Mongolian culture and forced learning of mandarin. The spirit of Mongolian resistance is inspiring, we have to support the Mongolians, we have to show them who is the real enemy behind the scenes. The lyrics also reflect the importance of the heritage of language and culture, William is a musical genius, all artists their talents are given by God.

These lines “Who is it?” are very powerful, the post-editing and Hollywood team put in a lot of work and were very impressed. We want the world to wake up. The costumes and dances are very good, and a very famous teacher in Hollywood taught me in two days. Tang Ping’s backing vocals are the soul of the song, and her guidance allowed me to open my voice and get a feel for it. Will Mongolians’ hearts be ignited by the anger in this song? One hundred percent positively! I have sent it to an official of the Mongolian Political and Legal Committee who said he was a Mongolian lapdog and not worthy of being a Mongolian, and that no one but us in the world stood up for Mongolians; I have been warmly received by my Mongolian friends, and after that we will speak up for the 56 minorities, and we will stand up against the China Communist Party since every field  being trampled by them.

“The Hero ” sings about our nature and bravery. Four major reasons for the CCP’s blocking of Mongolian culture: 1. Mongolia has cultivated a group of Mongolian traitorous ; 2. Mongolians have many political and legal committee officials, and the office in Beijing is in Pangu Hotel, and I have seen their decline and the terrible destruction of Mongolians; 3. Infiltrated by money, minerals and resources have become the capital of Mongolian traitors officials; 4. Culture, history and language have been divided and emasculated and made tragic, and Mongolian officials have to be used up to be arrested to prevent future problems. The CCP took out their pride, this arrest of Mongolian officials is a big clean-up, Xinjiang people sent their girls to night clubs, Mongolians destroyed their compatriots, this is the consequence now, don’t ravage and bully other people’s wives and daughters.

3. Tang Ping: I don’t really understand where the point of Mongolian demands and oppression is, my ex-husband is from Beijing, and I don’t think the music they make is what I want. I wrote this song to express the spirit of the nation. This kind of national music is particularly influential, and rock music must be sung with that spirit of defiance. I also want to incorporate the elements of Eastern music into Western music. Brother Miles is the most promising singer I’ve met as a music producer, and I’m honored!

4. Dr. Yan: This song is so cool, and art is what gives people empathy. The compelling of the song draws people in to understand what the lyrics are saying. There is so much knowledge, stories, and truths to dig into, and this song reaches a very high level. My favorite song is “Take Down the CCP” and I can see how powerful it can be to a child of a few years old. The NFSC gives everyone the ground to perform freely, and everyone knows that they are pursuing truth, goodness and love, and that is the free ground that gives everyone the space to express themselves.

5. Mr. Lude: Chinese people are trained by the CCP quite simply to just listen, and no one goes after the story behind it. The great works of the West lie in the fact that songs are just a format that is going to tell the story behind it. The songs of the CCP are all songs of praise to the CCP, and the songs are all about that same melody. Mr.Miles Guo started the pioneer of exterminating the CCP with songs, just like he started the pioneer of exterminating the Communist Party with Whistleblower Movement before. What I admire most about Mr. Miles is his spirit of persistence.

6. Mr. Guo: Western songs come from religious and beliefs, Chinese music is all about serving the emperor, and beyond the emperor is natural landscape or lovers. Ancient Chinese music culture is radiant, now the music all become to love each other. Western music has completely played the initiative people, let people feel the joy of music, the music being the same must not be good music. In terms of singing, what I sing is not good, I sing about our soul and essence. Mongolian shows the degradation of a nation, a nation that has been emasculated by CCP, and that is the power of music. William is not a conservatory graduate. Courage is universal in all kinds of works, the courage to question in science and to express oneself in music. The Chinese desires express themselves; it is oppressed by the CCP. Let’s listen to “The Hero” one more time!

7. Tang Ping: What I feel most is your persistence, and the characteristics in your voice. We want to express an inner cry and resistance, music is a form, and Mongolian music is the best way to express it. Brother Miles is always challenging himself and will never give up, which touches me.

8.  William: The success of this song is not only Miles’ persistence, but also that cry from the heart, music is a form, his voice is very layered with overtones, it was very hard to record for 7 hours, and he never gave up.

9. Mr. Guo: Let’s give a standing ovation for my master-Mr. Bannon. Mr. Bannon, Mr. Bill Gertz and our American friends who were there, applause for them. We express our gratitude to those seven Mongolian Fighters, no one can extinguish everything that the Mongolians themselves have done, the Kumis is the bridge of the Mongolian nation, and there is the NFSC standing with you. The story of “The Hero” will be sung by future generations, and the Mongolian traitors will be spurned by future generations. The song is very meaningful and there is the issue of stand, which is great. I have been married to my wife for 36 years and she has not attended a single Party with me. I asked her to come with me to record the song and she resisted, and the recording team was very surprised that I had not divorced in 36 years. She was very excited to read the lyrics and talked about her feelings, lamenting the professionalism and clear work division of the Americans. She admired Tang Ping very much, and this was the first time I talked to her for such a long time about the Whistleblower Movement. So do not force your family to agree with you, we have to do well for ourselves, so that others willing to follow you, if any time give up will not be today. There are too many elites in China, and you are the ones who turned me into the singer today. Thank you to the brothers and sisters support behind me, you discovered me and made me feel very proud after singing, thank you very much to all the Fellow Fighters who have worked for this.

10. William: No one can express the meaning of this song but Brother Miles, I would like to write 100 songs for Miles.

11. Tang Ping: To speak out for injustice and lead us forward, this spirit must carry the best music in the world, and it is my responsibility to do so. I am very honored and enjoy the process.

12. Mr. Guo: The power of this music can only be felt by those who are in it. When you go to Mongolia, not just the horses, even the wolves are eaten. The Mongolians are proud of the wolf totem and actually use wolf teeth to ward off evil spirits, which shocked me a lot. I told my Mongolian friend that you should not hunt wolves, and when you think of these scenes when you sing, it touches me very deeply. This is a song that only I can sing the moral of it, which celebrates justice, kindness and sincerity. The moment I saw that horse at that time, it was very touching to pet it because the horses were eaten by the CCP and the Mongolian wolf totem was their pride and they actually killed the wolf to give the wolf teeth away as a gift. Tang Ping’s voice immediately drove me up, this song can’t be sung in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and Korea with that feeling, only we can, like the sun shining into the darkness, any Mongolian who hears, it will ask himself if he is still the hero of the nation. Let’s listen to this song again!

I think men and women are divided into three levels, the first, is the spiritual level; second, the most important thing for women is kindness, and the third is talent and appearance. Tang Ping has given up the mundane sublimated to faith, the most important thing for women is goodness. A former loan shark Fighter came to the venue, he envied those who showed their faces in the live broadcast, the Whistleblower Movement allowed him to find himself, he took the private flight over here, there are many unknown fighters, many fighters came to the scene, the kind of essence, the biggest feeling is that we should absolutely have confidence. The world’s political and economic center; our culture, bravery and wisdom let us absolutely confident to build our NFSC, how lovely our Fighters, I also want to walk down the aisle of Red Carpet and to experience that feeling of being involved.

32 years ago of today the China Communist Party started the massacre, after that many death sentence prisoners came to my jail, we must find the truth of June 4th in year 1989 and will build a monument for those heroes who sacrificed their lives, and hope to write a song for June 4th. No one can forget the reality of that day, and we don’t deserve to talk about Whistleblower Movement if we forget those people who died for Tiananmen Square Protest.

The Hero

Vocal: Miles Guo

Lyrics: William Wong

Composition: Reve Tang


Who is seizing our pasture

Who is stealing our cattle and sheep

Who is erasing our language

Who is destroying our faith

Who is enslaving our brothers

Who is ravishing our sister

Who is making mothers cry

Who is devastating children’s hope

It’s the Chinese Communist Party

Warhorse is my life

Eagles are my wings

Wearing the boots sewed by my mother

And drinking Kumis I despise death

Getting on my horse and shouting at the wind

Facing the sand storm, I set out again

Fearlessly,blood sheds on my armor

My wound is like the burning sun

Galloping with my horse

The eagles stands on my shoulder

Died on the battlefield

is my honour

Long live the Gods

My soul is with you

We are the real owners of this pasture

For children’s young face

For mothers’ expecting eyes

Brothers,stand up and fight

Heroic stories must be told for generations to come

We are the people of the brave

We never compromise

We shout out in our mother tongue

Take down the Chinese Communist Party(Mongolian)

Galloping with my horse

The eagles stands on my shoulder

Died on the battlefield

is my honour

Long live the Gods

My soul is with you

We are the real owners of this pasture

We are the real owners of this pasture

 Take down the Chinese Communist Party(Mongolian)

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