Highlights of 1st Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, 2021 (11)

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Interviews with fellow fighters at the main venue

1. Cao Gen: Every fellow fighter who has just arrived in New York from Communist China is talking with tears in their eyes. It’s not easy to get this far, we’ve made it, we’ve climbed to the Himalayas! It took me 120 days to get to New York. I had to attend the first-anniversary celebration, and I was so happy and content to be able to take a picture in front of Lady Liberty.  It was great to be there for this event. I asked myself: Am I a fellow fighter? The answer I got was, if you are sincere, kind, and brave, you must be a fellow fighter. I succeeded and triumphed, and I reached “Mount Everest”. Without the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and theWhistleblowers’ Movement, we would not be where we are today.

2. Qi Ge Lao Mei ‘s Husband: The Whistleblowers’ Movement means a lot to us. The Chinese people of the NFSC were fantastic and everyone was so friendly.  I wish no one will be enslaved in this world.  We are fighting against the CCP.  The CCP virus is slaughtering mankind.  The Whistleblower’s Movement has developed into a great organization and everyone is working to overthrow the CCP to free the Chinese people.  The Chinese are impressive.  I want the freedom to be granted to the entire world.  Right now, we are fighting for the rights of the Chinese people.  What is happening in Xinjiang and Hong Kong is also happening all over the world.

3. Qi Ge Lao Mei:  I started watching Mr. Miles Guo’s broadcast in February 2017, and my husband only started to learn about the Whistleblowers’ Movement after seeing me being so passionate and obsessed with the Whistleblowers’ Movement. At first, my husband didn’t know what the Whistleblowers’ Movement was, but later he was the one who told more all the truth about China including the June 4massacre.  After I told my husband that I follow the Whistleblowers’ Movement, he was very supportive of me both financially and technically.  I am very grateful to my husband.

4. Ting Guo Da Wei:  I think the NFSC’s logo is awesome.  So many people here have come out to support the Whistleblowers’ Movement.  It’s a great cause and more and more people will join us.  We are convinced that the CCP is doomed to collapse. We realize that this force reflects the Chinese people’s profound desire for freedom and democracy.  We want to deliver the truth without being controlled by the mainstream media. These mainstream media should be held accountable because they choose to be silent and support evil.  We must hold the CCPaccountable.  We must hold the CCP accountable by taking action.  Every day we are joined by new allies. Today General Flynn came out to support us.  We are truly grateful for their support.

5.  Fellow Fighter:  I am very excited today. We are celebrating our first anniversary in Manhattan, New York, with our fellow fighters of the Whistleblower’s Movement. We are grateful to Mr. Guo, who lit the beacon of freedom and democracy for the Chinese people.  We’ve been spreading the truth for four years.  We thank the Western world for standing with us to take down the CCP.  We have achieved a great victory.  The image of the Chinese people represents the NFSC, and we are the image of the new Chinese, not what the CCP propaganda says we are.  We are a nation of peace and a land of etiquette, and that is what the real Chinese are.

6. Allen & Jin Shao Zi:  We did hairstyling and manicure today for many of our fellow fighters to make them beautiful and confident.  This is my profession, I want to serve everyone.  I hope to use my professional skill to make a little contribution to the Whistleblower’s Movement.  Hands are the second face of a person.  I hope that each of us Chinese is beautiful in person and as well as in mind.

7. Little Prince: The Whistleblowers’ Movement means everything to me.  It means that we have been oppressed for so many years and finally have the right to speak out.  We fight for our fellow fighters!

8. Fay Fay:  The Whistleblowers’ Movement is very important for our 1.4 billion countrymen, and it is our mission.  Thinking about what we Chinese have gone through in the past, taking down the CCP is our only mission now.

Link to the original Chinese article:新中国联邦成立一周年6月4日直播同步精要文字版(十一) – GNEWS

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