The CCP Virus Is Still Rampant, How Far Is the War From Us?

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On April 19, the official U.S. Strategic Command website issued a war warning tweet.

Overview of U.S. Strategic Command’s State of Military Affairs statement: The scale of today’s conflicts is neither linear nor predictable. We must recognize that situations that could lead to the outbreak of conflict would quickly prompt adversaries to use nuclear weapons as the least pessimistic option.

On April 13, Admiral Richard of U.S. Strategic Command presented a report at a hearing before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC). The report listed CCP China, Russia, North Korea and Iran as countries that pose a threat to the global security environment. Among them, CCP China and Russia have moved from “competitors” to “versatile challengers with advanced capabilities.” CCP China was at the top of the list.

 Admiral Richard also noted, “For the first time in history, our nation faces two strategic adversaries with nuclear weapons, and we must both stop them in different ways.”

And according to the PACIFIC AIR FORCE website, four B-52 strategic bombers were deployed to Andrews Air Force Base, Guam, on April 16. Col. Dmytryszym, 2nd BW commander: “Weaponized and capable of intercontinental delivery, the B52 remains a universally recognized symbol of America’s assurance to our allies and the world!”

Today, the CCP virus is still rampant in the world, while the CCP threatens all kinds of forces in the Taiwan Strait and plays games in the South China Sea, and the ambition of the wolf is obvious. The CCP has enslaved 1.4 billion people on the mainland, brutally suppressed the democracy movement in Hong Kong and committed genocide in Xinjiang.

The U.S. Strategic Command’s statement is worth alerting the world to. The report on the threat of nuclear weapons must also be supported by intelligence. As a “doctor” out of the Liangjiahe ravine, will he have the courage and determination to take the risk? Now that people’s livelihoods are in decline, the Party is fighting to the death, the truth about the virus is about to be revealed, and global responsibility is imminent. How will the CCP respond? Judging from the way “Pandora’s Box” was opened to release the CCP virus, we cannot rule out the possibility that the CCP will undergo extreme reactions when there is nowhere to go.

How far away is the war?

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中共病毒依旧肆虐,战争离我们还有多远?– GNews

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