Highlights of 1st Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, 2021(9)


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Mr. Miles Guo, Dr. Yan Limeng and Mr. Lude:

1. Mr. Guo: Dr.Yan is inadvertently become hero, the Rule of Law Foundation protected her . So many people have died today, and you have become a hero of the world.The Hong Kong Movement influenced you, Lude became the bridge that connected you with the world. and your new life was given by the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC).  Did you expect this kind of result today?

2. Dr. Yan: I did not expect it. From January 16, 2020, when I reconfirmed the danger of this virus, I repeatedly asked myself if I wanted to do this, I never thought I would be here today. I felt like I would be wiped out at any moment because I saw how brutal the Hong Kong Movement was.

3. Mr. Guo: You chose the Lude Media to expose the truth about the virus, if you were to choose again, would you still choose Lude?

4. Dr. Yan: I would still choose Lude.

5. Mr. Guo: Lude, what do you think the difference about Dr.Yan from now to before?

6. Mr. Lude: I think she has now raised more than one level; it is a qualitative leap. At that time everyone was focusing on the Sino trade agreement.

7. Mr. Guo: Before January 16, I advise you to hold yourself, “Nine-Finger” Sara told you not to talk nonsense. Are you afraid of it?

8. Mr. Lude: I am afraid indeed!

9. Mr. Guo: I felt that Lude was very afraid. When you saw Dr. Yan, Hao Haidong have made a qualitative leap, today Dr. Yan’s already not care about the camera, only care about what they want to do. I think you are very impressive when you lost your weight successfully, at this moment what do you think the change of Hao Haidong and his wife Ye Zhaoying?

10. Mr. Lude: It has been a year since the first interview with Mr. Hao and Mrs. Ye. The direction was not clear at the beginning, and it has been a challenge to see how sports and the extermination of the Communist Party are linked together.  Sports diplomacy is an important tool for the Communist Party, and Mr. Hao knows a lot about.

11. Mr. Guo: How can the CCP not dig up negative news about Mr. Hao and Mrs. Ye?

12. Mr. Lude: I think the CCP focuses on you first.

13. Mr. Guo: The China Communist Party carefully organized a few hundred people in Macau to against a few of us, and we have a big won.  Someone told me that soon to release the scandal of Lude, I think if these are true, it highlights our greatness even more, including the Mr.Hao ,his wife Mrs. Ye and Dr. Yan. The CCP has now learned the experience in me that the disinformation against me is going to backfire on CCP itself. One question for Dr. Yan, do you still love your husband today?

14. Dr. Yan: after so many things happened, I don’t! It is the issue of values. If I’m safe, I still want to see him once and ask him why he did those things?

15. Mr. Guo: Your husband is watching the live broadcast of the Rule of Law Foundation with English subtitles right now, and I have information that he is watching. This is your former lover husband, you said that back in the past you would still choose him, this is the loyalty of Chinese women.

16. Dr. Yan: The previous relationship was good, but it could not withstand such a big thing. If there is no CCP and in a democratic country, we each do our own thing, and will not happen.

17. Mr. Guo: Today Dr. Yan gave me the impression that she was thin, and then with a pair of thick glasses. Why I ask you this question, because every one of our families has been hit so hard, in this time many people’s family relationships are broken, love is conditional. Dr. Yan is our hero today, Mr. Lude rallied many people, today we have countless Chinese military families behind us, they can all become Lude, Dr. Yan, become our strong supporters, the family is the most important part of the Whistleblower Movement. Dr. Yan’s husband, I know you are watching our live broadcast, today’s Dr. Yan is no longer possible to choose you, because the different make you two cannot be together.  A year ago, we could see so many people come to the venue to speech ? Impossible. General Flynn, Ms.Winsters, Mr.Bannon all came to speak out at the venue, these people came with symbolic significance.

18. A year ago anyone from the western world came forward and the Chinese Communist Party was scared to death. Now it’s all proven that President Trump and the Whistleblower Movement work closely together, they are not tied down, and each of them can prove that we are not lying. Generals in the United States are for life and can return to the military at any time.

19. Mr. Guo: The big change in American politics happens in 2022, and the Western supporters who are here today are all represented.

20. Dr. Yan: China has always had no shortage of talent, we are an excellent group, and we have become so because of the China Communist regime. We’ve come to this point today, where a top metropolis like Hong Kong collapsed in a flash. The protesters and the Whistleblower Movement in Hong Kong at that time kept me going, and I hope that with our actions, we will bring hope and confidence to others.

21. Mr. Guo: At the time of the world stoppage, the NFSC organized the first anniversary celebration. How do you feel about it as the earliest Fellow Fighter?

22. Mr. Lude: It was very amazing. We don’t have the so-called discipline like the CCP, it is not easy to organize like this. We have to affect people’s hearts so that the others willing to spread the message, instead of the propaganda like the CCP, which is a new era of exterminating the CCP.

23. Mr. Guo: We said a year ago that we would exterminate the Communist Party with CCP Virus, and today you saw especially the emails from Fauci exploded that someone had broken the truth about the virus to Fauci. There is a person, his family is a local official of the Communist Party, his family all disappeared.  At the earliest time the nurse from Wuhan sent a message to Fauci, and then the whole family disappeared, including died Li Wenliang. Dr. Yan is the luckiest one to get out alive at that time.

24. Dr. Yan: Chinese people have guts; the China Communist Party not only kill people but also kill you minds. People from all domains who have fought against the CCP will be remembered, we are the first to stand in the front line, we are the will of our people.  Now we are on the world stage today and we have broken this barrier that the CCP controls with the power of the state. The power of the CCP’s information warfare is demonstrated behind these emails. The CCP controlled a few scientists, and no one could believe that the world is controlled, but the virus killed thousands of people.  Now the Western people are waking up and reacting faster than we did, and that is the power of truth.

25. Mr. Guo: If you want to take down a boatload of people, just take down the captain is enough, if not, take down the second captain by spreading the scandals. The truth of the Fauci’s emails shocked the whole world and verified what we said before.

26. Mr. Lude: Exterminating the China Communist Party is just one away from you. Every retweet and praise the tweet will give our Fellow Fighters great power, we can’t have such great power as Mr.Hao Haidong, Mr. Guo and Dr. Yan, but we can do the best we can, and the CCP is over.  Overthrow the CCP need everyone of you!

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