[Life Story] A Dove in the Chimney

Author : John F. McGrew Editor: Candy

The pair of doves were back. I could hear them cooing to each other. Each spring the same pair of doves would return to build their nest in the hedge next to the house. 

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They were unusually noisy one day, and I went outside to see why. I thought the crows might be searching for their nest again. There weren’t any crows about but the dove on the roof was still very nervous pacing back and forth and cooing loudly. It soon flew away. I went back inside thinking all was well.

I could still hear a dove calling. It seemed to be coming from the fireplace. There was a screen covering the fireplace so the dove couldn’t be in the house. I couldn’t see it in the fireplace so it might be in the chimney. I looked but the flue in the chimney blocked the view. The dove’s calls were incessant, and I thought it might be trapped or injured. 

To look down the chimney I had to get on the roof. The dove kept trying to fly up the chimney but couldn’t spread its wings enough to make it all the way up. It was too far down to reach from above, and I couldn’t reach around the flue from below. The more I tried, the more excited the dove got, and I was afraid the dove would injure itself. I decided to let the dove calm down and try again later. I put some breadcrumbs and water in the fireplace, because I didn’t know how long it had been in the chimney. 

The next day, the dove had calmed down and was walking around in the fireplace, I tried to catch him, but he just flew up above the chimney flue where I couldn’t reach him. So I decided to let him calm down and try again later. I put the music channel on the TV to wait for him to calm down. 

All of a sudden, the dove got very excited, and was cooing loudly, and walking back and forth on the side of the fireplace next to the TV. It was fascinated by the music ! The TV was playing the wonderful oboe solo in Dvorak’s ‘ Symphony for The New World ’ http://youtu.be/UfqwfgqmVPU?t=582 While he was fixated on the music I was able to cover him with a kitchen towel and catch him. 

I took him outside. When I opened the towel he took off like a bat-out-of-hell, and never looked back. His mate saw him fly off and flew after him.

So if you have a problem with doves in your chimney remember this, they love oboe solos which makes them easy to catch. Also made sure the spark arrestor was fixed firmly on the top of the chimney so that they can’t get in.

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