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1.The most important thing in the belief is that you can see through the nature of things. It is the emptiness and the enlightenment in Buddhism.
Aug 9, 2020

2.Let’s look back on the World War II and think about why the British and the Americans won.
The reason is because they told the truth and all of them did it.
Apr 4, 2020

3.No moral bottom line between people means the heart haze!
Jan 29, 2020

4.On our way forward we should not only enjoy the joy and delight of moving forward, but also frequently lower our heads to reflect and look at ourselves. We need to summarize what happened on the way we passed through so that we can move  towards to success in a more joyful, safer, happier and enjoyable way.
Sept 16, 2020

5.Our Himalaya will surely be realized.
It’s our turn to win!
Apr 14, 2018

6.De-Ccpization (The elimination of the Chinese Communist Party)
It has become a common voice of the whole world, of all mankind!
Apr 11, 2020

7.The Chinese people have historically been the kindest, hardest-working, most family-oriented, and most outstanding people on earth.
Jun 3, 2019


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