【G Times】People who are more toxic than the virus

Author/Picture Production: Giselle Translator: XiaoYu

1,Rochelle , director of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, urges young people to get vaccinated because new data shows that one-third of the young people hospitalized for COVID-19 at the beginning of this year had to be admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU).

——The first wave of the virus spared the adolescents, the second wave of the British variant, was not only more infectious with enhanced fatality rate, it was also more lethal to the younger people.
The CDC does not study these, nor does it mention safe prevention and treatment methods such as hydroxychloroquine and the likes of lveycin . Instead, they urge young people to get vaccinated… CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, you’re more toxic than the virus.

2,In an interview with CNN , Fauci said: “I think it is far-fetched to say that the CCP deliberately designed something to kill themselves and others.”

——You have no clue about Chinese history. Empress Dowager Wu Zetian did this a long time ago!
Let’s just say, the likes of CNN, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal have never made a penny in the Chinese market, but they would sell their souls for a little bit of dog food, and even their own lives and their families can be sacrificed.
What kind of spirit is this? This is definitely the saucy super big SB spirit!
When the Communist Party is eliminated, the market will be large and healthy with more than one billion people. You can have whatever you want. Isn’t this better than eating dog food?
Is your dog food worth 10 trillion US dollars? Don’t you want to take a bite of this cake?

3,Mike Lindell said: “We have 100% irrefutable evidence that can prove that the CCP used the Internet to steal the U.S. 2020 election. We will eventually have our victory in the Supreme Court.” What do you think about this?

—— It is impossible for the Trump camp to let go of the ballots. Their return is only a matter of time. And the virus crisis will only speed things up!
For the 75 million voters, if they let the election-steal go free, democracy and freedom of the United States will be a laughingstock. This is why I have always believed that Trump will return. Although mindful of occasionally being mocked, this believe remains firm.
Hurry back to take your rightful place, Hero Trump, continue to keep the torch of freedom burning bright…

4,On June 3, Robert Redfield, the former head of the US CDC in the Trump administration, said that since he proposed that Covid-19 may come from the Wuhan laboratory, he has received countless death threats from “top scientists”… …

——These “top scientists” have switched careers to becoming terrorists. The era of cold weapons and the era of hot weapons are already outdated. This is now the era of biochemical viruses. The killers are these scientists, politicians, media, capitalists…These people are more toxic than viruses!

5,Biden said that in order to check the truth about the virus within 90 days, the Fauci affair should be resolved first. Why does he still say that he trusts Fauci? Can anyone explain?

——The Biden administration has no plans to issue a virus report that we had hoped for!
The delay is meant to step up the vaccination rate! Promote vaccine passports!
Otherwise, why doesn’t he mention hydroxychloroquine and lveycin? Totally disregards Yan Limeng’s scientific reports, sweeps aside Fauci’s emails, turns a blind eye to the side effects of the vaccine, and pursues a non-existent virus to study?
Don’t put too much hope in this!!

(The contents of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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1 month ago

The ‘British variant’ was announced to the world just before the UK started its vaccination programme. There were many excess deaths and reported COVID-19 cases, like when the virus was originally released. The ‘new variant’ got the blame, even though it seemed too similar to the original virus to cause such a drastic change. No one in government or main stream media dared to admit that maybe it was the ‘vaccines’ that were killing people, though there was plenty of evidence suggesting this. Similarly in India, a new more deadly strain has been announced to the world and blamed for… Read more »