Celebrating the first anniversary of the New Federal State of China

Tell the words from my heart

Author: danny #2253

With the unpredictable changes in politics of China, life as a child had ups and downs like a scary roller coaster, sometimes floating in the sky, sometimes falling into hell, but always living in fear and depression since childhood!

Children are naïve in their ignorance and always ask why when they do not understand.  These revolution heroes were told that how great men and women and how did they made such a great contribution to the country and the party and why the heroes turned into a heinous anti-Party and anti-Mao in one night? This was a forbidden topic in those days. It was always educated that the party was great, glorious, and correct, and corruption was only the problem of individual people.

When one day you, the descendant of the hero, the successor of communism, suddenly became a bad child from the anti-party and anti-Country family, you went back and forth again and again, and you should be confused after the toss. Not even knowing who you were!

Why the food in the refrigerator is going bad one by one? That is not a problem with the food, but a problem with the entire refrigerator.

When I first heard that the Communist Party was a meat grinder, I was shocked! Look at the people around Mao who were all not spared. You thoroughly understand!

The most painful thing in the world is to know in the heart, to be clear-headed, to see the ugliness of the world, but there is nothing that can be done.

I want to be free, but I do not have the determination to die for freedom.

Knowing to live in lies, but not having the courage to tell the truth! So painful!

At that time there was only one way to escape to freedom, stay away from this country which is controlled by evil CCP!

It has been nearly 40 years, but the past is not gone like smoke. Although the sense of justice in my heart has not been extinguished, I have no hope for China!

Every time I see and hear the CCP’s evil deeds, I feel angry, helpless, and hopeless.

Until Mr. GUO Wen Gui appeared! From then on, life has been different, it is like seeing hope in a desperate situation!

My experience and work have enabled me to really understand thoughts of people, but from Miles’s sincere attitude, the look of his eyes, and the process of telling the facts, I believe in Miles Guo 100%, no doubt.

After the 4.19 event, Miles’s video, twitter, has never been interrupted. Miles said something that I wanted to say for decades but dare not say it! Believing that he is our hope! Follow along! In addition to thanks, grateful and gratitude!

It seems to be reborn at my old age. Accompanied by Miles Guo every day, from his conversation tone, sometimes impassioned, unable to stop, sometimes laughing and cursing, sometimes sad and calm.

My emotions follow Miles’s talking ups and downs.

Although I am still working eight or nine hours a day, my vision is getting worse, and I forget the beginning when I hear the end. Listening, reading, and learning from new things make sleep deprivation, but I still happily start every day with energy! Looking forward to surprises every day!

I remember the day when the new federal state of China was established, my husband and I dressed neatly, beautifully, sitting upright, and listening to the declaration of the new Chinese! This is exactly what I want, my lifelong pursuit, and the excitement in my heart is indescribable!      I shouted happily: Our new Federation has been established! I am a new federal! My husband also shouted with me to celebrate, although he did not understand what I was shouting, I am happy that he is happy!

At the same time, I also realized that to be a true new federation, we still need to face painful reinvention of changes. We were brainwashed by the CCP and deceived for decades! Subtle misconceptions are instilled into our consciousness and behavior without being aware of it. We must constantly remind ourselves, continue to cleanse the poison, and constantly improve ourselves, to become a true new federate.

A year has passed, and the happiest thing is that the peak of the Himalayas is nearby. Although it is still difficult to know and there are still many unknowns, the firm belief has never wavered. Follow Wengui and take down the evilest CCP in the world!

On the first anniversary of the New Federal State of China I am grateful and thankful to Miles GUO . Thank You for everything you have done for us!

Mr. Steve Bannon, we are not of the same Nationality, but you are determined to be with the new Chinese and take the responsibility of destroying the evilest organization CCP in the world. I am touched by your justice every moment. The new federal state will always remember you, A GREAT AMERICAN!

JUNE,1, 2021

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