Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on June 5th, 2021


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1. I come here just after our Fellow Fighters left New York, and we are celebrating on the top floor of that building, which is really beautiful. This is the Treasure Center, after our Fellow Fighters came here, I come here again today, I feel completely different, especially this treasure center.  I feel completely different, especially this treasure center, because it is more closely connected with us.  The one in the middle is my favorite, and our Fellow Fighters are on board in that place.

2. I’m here today to worship Lady Liberty on behalf of all of us in the New Federal State of China, and we solemnly promise to bring Lady Liberty back to the land of China! A common feature of any religion is gratitude, and it is because of a grateful heart that we are here together. We are grateful for freedom, Dr. Yan, Lude and many of our Fellow Fighters said, we just want a little bit of freedom, so we came here.

3. Yesterday, many friends from the United States who attended the anniversary celebration said the atmosphere at the site was fantastic!  They really felt the power of the Chinese people’s desire for freedom, it was amazing. Mr. Giuliani said they had never seen such a grand scene in their lives and felt the power of the Chinese people’s desire for freedom. This is the most important message that we Chinese send to the world, and that is the love of freedom. What the Chinese as a group seek is to want a little freedom. The view of New York under the bright sun is so beautiful. Any gathering is a mingling of glasses, but this time it is not to show off your fashion, we are totally different, special high-educated, every second you can feel their strong motivation to pursue freedom and security, the atmosphere is very touching, all the Fellow Fighters who came to New York for the gathering are the best, you sent our strong message to love the pursuit of freedom on the 102nd floor of the Freedom Tower to the people of the world and What we wanted to express and show, it was incredible.  The spirit of never compromising that we have cannot be described in words, thanks to the dedication and commitment of our Fellow Fighters.

4. All the Fellow Fighters who came to the scene were perfect and the best, and you strongly showed the world the heart of the pursuit of freedom. Strongly sent to the people of the world the high-educated of the Chinese people. I am deeply proud of our Fellow Fighters and the strength of the NFSC people’s pursuit of freedom and rule of law that was conveyed to the world with determination to not compromise. We would like to thank Brother Long Island, MOS Himalaya Farm, Jinke, Star, Xiao Siji, Xiao fixiang, Xiao Feixia, Little Prince and countless Fellow Fighters.

5. It feels especially different to be here again today, just listening to the song “Mama” is particularly touching, even the animals will protect their mothers.  It is no coincidence that we are gathered here, it is the power given to us by God. We all have parents; can’t we protect our parents? This is our sacred mission and has been given the most sacred meaning. We will prevail and bring Lady Liberty back to China, this is not a worship of the Westworld, this is a symbol and a spirit, Lady Liberty belongs to no one, it belongs to all people in the world who love democracy, rule of law and freedom.  On behalf of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, I have already thanked the Goddess of Liberty and all the Buddhas and Gods. We will definitely bring Lady Liberty back to three cities in China to form a three-point line.

6. We have to look at the big picture and not be swayed by personal feelings. We can control our emotions and rationality well, that’s human nature, and I have kept my promise this time to take care of the big matters. I just want to let the China Communist Party know that Guo Wengui is a sensual person, but I want to show them that I am rational and sensual when I should be.  Thanks to the understanding and tolerance of our Fellow Fighters, the celebration is successful. Next year on June 4th more Fellow Fighters will meet in New York and Beijing, so next year will be even more exciting.  Thanks to all our Fellow Fighters!

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