Highlights of 1st Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, 2021(3)


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1. Host: Our first guest tonight is Mr. Stephen Bannon, a former seven-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and co-founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and Rule of Law Foundation. Our second guest is Mr. Bill Gertz, a columnist and journalist for the Washington Free Beacon and a director of the Rule of Law Foundation.

2. Mr. Bannon: I will have a short speech and leave more time for Mr. Bill Gertz. The Communist Party is so afraid of the NFSC and of our development of the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society. We must overthrow the Communist Party completely, they are not a legitimate party, they are not capable of representing the Chinese people. They made the people of Wuhan suffer from the virus, and we will show a video where the China Communist Party was involved in the making of this virus. It was because of our bravery and fearlessness that brought these people of conscience together and eventually overthrew the Communist Party. Mr. Bill Gertz was brave enough to stand up in the mainstream media to remind the world that the China Communist Party is an illegal organization, and our solution is very simple, to unite to overthrow this centralized regime, thank you all.

3. Mr. Bill Gertz: First of all, congratulations on the first anniversary of the NFSC and congratulations to Mr. Miles Guo, I believe the next year’s anniversary should be held in Beijing. First talking about the virus on January 27th of 2020, I saw the news of the virus leaking from the CCP’s lab. Within days of the virus outbreak, I was shocked to see some news reports about biological weapons. When I published this news, it was all but disappeared from the internet and Facebook labeled my post as fake news. We know that the virus was released from a lab in Wuhan, and in a free country like the US, the truth cannot be spread because of censorship, and all the major social media platforms are censoring speech, and only a year later we see the US intelligence department holding hearings to focus on whether the virus came from a lab, which is a very big failure of the US intelligence community. Many scientists were being corrupted by the China Communist Party, falsely claiming that the virus came from animals, misleading the public into thinking that it came from the lab was false, and was also providing coverage for the Wuhan lab to conduct functional enhancement tests, when in fact the virus was highly infectious. They modified the virus to be highly contagious, and most scientists do not currently have the structure and information about the virus, and they dare not speak out because of the pressure from the CCP. Now that the truth has surfaced, many intelligence services focused on the origin of the virus, previously they were misled by the so-called scientists in China but did not find any evidence and any connection between the animals in the seafood market. In fact, they were misled by the China Communist Party’s information warfare cover-up and misled the public. Until now, the CCP has been unable to provide any strong evidence to prove that the virus comes from nature, so we must investigate the source of the virus thoroughly. When the investigation is over, we will come to a completely different conclusion, and we will see the facts that have been covered up by the CCP. We have to stop the Chinese Communist Party from passing the virus from generation to generation, and their threat to humanity is obvious to everyone. We have to join together to fight the challenges and dangers of the CCP and contribute our strength, including those of you who are present today. We need to spread the truth and speak out about the evil behavior of the CCP. I articulated the Communist threat in the 1990s, and the Generals I discussed it with recognized it very positively, both in terms of surveillance systems and weapons, as a threat of the highest order. With the exposure of CCP’s spies in the US, you can see how rampant they are, so overthrow the Communist Party. Thank you all.

Refer Link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1294994/

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