[June 3, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(Antsee-GTV)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada)(Liberte)

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[June 3, 2021] Video translation

Today is June 3rd, brothers and sisters, and today is such a unique and important day. June 3rd is a new era for 1.4 billion Chinese. June 3rd is the first anniversary of the new beginning for 1.4 billion Chinese people. This year is so crucial.

Brothers and sisters, are we not going to work out today? Of course, yes! We must work out as planned.

I have scissors, and I am cutting off the hook logo on the Nike T-Shirt like this, right? But it is not enough. Today, your brother-7 is going to walk into a new era. I am going to cut the T-Shirt vertically from the collar to the hem like this.

Do you know why I do this? Because it is time to dismantle the CCP.

The US economy has now reached its peak in nearly six months, as expected. It is now time for it to collapse and fall. Once the US economy declines, the US will do two things, and transfer its internal economic catastrophe outside its borders.

Isn’t this a great gift to the New Federal State of China (NFSC)? Where do you think the US internal problems will go? Do you think the US will transfer its internal issues to Tanzania, Nigeria, or Egypt? It would be no use. Then where will its problems go?

It has to be the Chinese Communist Party! The US must get even with the CCP. Right? The US won’t bother to hold the CCP accountable when its economy is still sound like it is now.

Dr. Fauci’s emails are more than just emails.

Do you see the show on the TV behind me? Nana Jiang speaks English so well, doing the show with her boyfriend all the time.

Brothers and sisters, even though today is such a big day, you cannot stop working out. Don’t make any excuses for your weakness, ignorance, and laziness. That’s why I must work out today.

Some fellow fighters know when your brother-7 started this morning. I went to bed after 4 am, almost 5 am, and got up at 7 am and, until now, I have maintained a clear mind. Of course, I had to meditate. If I didn’t meditate, my mind would be foggy. The effect of meditation has lasted until now.

Some of our fellow fighters in mainland China didn’t tell me until today that several domestic fellow fighters have been arrested after Dr. Fauci’s emails were exposed.

It was because they were so unsophisticated that they contacted Dr. Fauci, but Fauci set a trap for them. Then they got arrested.

Some of our fellow fighters just told me that, but they were afraid to tell me before. The first time I heard about this bad person Fauci was from these fellow fighters.

There is so much that I cannot tell you now. But I will let you know at the appropriate time. There is more to Dr. Fauci’s emails than what has been exposed so far. Exposing Fauci at the critical time is much better than if it happens too earlier.

Fauci is like the bait, luring out the US and the world’s scientific community and the world’s scientific journals, scientific media, and mainstream media, who all colluded with the CCP based on their BGY plot. 

Have you noticed the mainstream media in the US are all silent? They all have been colluding together.

I have told you already, but you may not have believed me — it is all part of the CCP’s “human corpse pill” conspiracy and its ambition to control the world.

A few months ago, I mentioned the American friend who took a trip to China. He met with the old bastards at Zhongnanhai (Beijing).

A Zhongnanhai bastard said with excitement when he picked up a glass of wine: “hey, have a drink. You are my good friend in America. Don’t be so nervous. Think about it. How many people were in the world 50 years ago? How many people were there on the planet 50 years ago? “

This Zhongnanhai bastard also said that people are expendable. The living will not struggle and fight for the dead — three weeks at the most, then they will forget.

The shock struck the American.

The Zhongnanhai bastard said: “let’s drink the wine.” Then he drank a glass of iron-lid Moutai (a special Moutai wine provided to the most powerful class).

This American friend came back to the US and told me he saw through the CCP.

He said these CCP bastards didn’t care at all. He said he could tell from their words that the CCP was already prepared for tens, or even hundreds, of millions of people to die.

Dr. Fauci knew that, and so did all the officials in the US who were higher in rank than Fauci. Now everybody is talking about Fauci as the bad guy. But who covered up for him?

Dr. Fauci still hasn’t been punished for anything until now, has he? And the media didn’t talk much about it either. Why? It is quite simply because there is a story behind it. The story behind it is a tragedy.

The NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement are the only ones in humankind who are telling the truth. That is the greatness of our NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement.

Brothers and sisters, after you watch the NFSC’s first-anniversary celebration event today, you will see how the world economy is going to change. You can start counting today. Start counting the following Monday.

The change is going to start from the US economy, the Western economy, the capital markets, the economies of the dictatorships, commodity trade, energy and oil, then financial warfare, to currency warfare. 

You will understand that soon.

You got the good news at 12 pm last night. Right? It was about our new G-TV.

I heard another piece of good news that “Nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” was vaccinated. After hearing that, I felt sorry for her. Did Sara (VOG) want to meet God so soon? She always wants to introduce God to people, and before she could do that, is she going to meet God herself? Is she in such a rush? I have heard that she got vaccinated.

Besides, I heard that Jonathan was against her too. I told you two weeks ago that they could not possibly avoid imploding. Can you count on two pieces of garbage working together in harmony and not imploding? If he had not decided to be a traitor, Jonathan might have had the opportunity to be on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center today. It is based on every individual’s choice. And if you make the wrong choice only once in your lifetime, everything may be finished.

Your brother-7 showed his muscles yesterday. Fellow fighters, I am not trying to brag. I am just pointing out that this is what comes from discipline, and working out for a long time. It’s actual muscle.

The best answer is through action. The most effective way of fighting is through action.

You see, it is raining. Right? Don’t worry. When the critical moment comes, brother-7 ensures you that the rain will stop. Everybody says it’s going to rain the whole day, 100%. But I tell you, there will only be a few showers that your brother-7 cannot stop. But when the critical moment comes, I guarantee the rain will stop. You will see. I dare to brag about this right now.

I’m going to take a shower, dress up, and pray to all the Gods to open a door for our NFSC members, to let the world know who we are and understand what we do?

For the time being, domestic VPNs are not working properly. As long as brother-7 does a live broadcast, as long as we have significant live broadcasts, VPNs are not working properly.

Not only do the VPNs not work, but many people overseas have also reported that they cannot use G-TV. Huawei phones, including many in Hong Kong using Samsung phones, phones with Chinese APPs installed, are having problems. Their phones don’t work properly. So many people sent me such messages.

There are also a many fellow fighters who really don’t know how to behave towards others. They are crying anachronistically from last night until now: “brother-7, I want to invest in G-TV. I want the Himalaya Coin. I want to file a complaint against the Osaka JLP Farm, against the Tokyo Sakura Farm, or against the Korean Seoul XiHan Farm……” 

Today is such an important day. Our brothers and sisters get together to celebrate the first anniversary of the NFSC. So, let us talk about these things after today? Can you be more considerate, okay? You just got up early in the morning and kept talking about these things.

Besides, there are some fellow figures directing me: “brother-7, you tell the Himalaya Alliance Committee to send me the email about my investment.”  — treating brother-7 like their secretary.

A bunch of people did this, not one or two. And some of them have done it before, and they did it again. Based on their behavior, I would say that a man can barely change his personality.

Would you stop asking brother-7 to be your secretary today and allow me to have a day off until tomorrow? Later, somebody sent me another message: “brother-7, I am sorry. I don’t mean you to be my secretary.”

Brothers, today, we should all be in a happy mood to pray. Be sure to pray first. Our fellow fighters at the celebration conference site, don’t forget to pray when the meeting starts. Pray! 

We should pray to all the Buddhas and Gods. We should start the first-anniversary celebration of the NFSC after the blessing.

It was tough for me that I couldn’t be there. I could only watch your live broadcasting in a corner alone. How sad is it for me, brothers and sisters? But for your safety, I am happy. 

Do you think I should go to the World Trade Center? I was wondering what would happen if I went tonight? Would you be able to turn me away? No way, right?

Forget it. I am going to meet you all by connecting to the live stream.

May the NFSC’s first-anniversary celebration today be a great success! 

All Gods bless our fellow fighters today with good health, happiness, peace, and prosperity. 

All Gods bless the Whistleblower Movement’s fellow fighters.

The CCP, you’re finished!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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