The US Economy Is Going to Be a Disaster, a Huge Disaster!

In the May 29, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo warned the world – “the US economy is going to be a disaster, a huge disaster! And the global economy is going to be a huge disaster too!” He also disclosed that people in his circle were selling stocks and properties, stocking cash, cryptocurrencies, and gold, and waiting for the apocalypse.

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Many fellow fighters are concerned about the US and the world economy. In this video clip, I can tell you that I can responsibly say it here. Many fellow fighters ask me about this. But it’s very difficult to answer, how can I answer you? I can only tell you that it is going to be a huge disaster. No one can stop it. And there is no other solution.

We are not discussing the technical, economic statistics, and you don’t need to know that. But it will be a fluke and a fantasy for you to still rush to invest in the market when you have learned the result will be catastrophic. If so, you don’t deserve any sympathy, no matter how much you will lose – that’s for sure.

I will tell you about two aspects and data that you will never hear. Let me tell you this. Firstly, most of these funds that I know, the smart ones, are quietly cashing out their holding, but rather than keeping the cash in their hands, the vast majority of them have invested the cash in digital currencies that they trust. It’s like putting money in the air and the cloud, making their money safe. In addition, some funds invested in large quantities of physical gold. Nobody invested in diamonds. Only fools would do that.

Another fact that surprised me more was that they sold as many properties as they could. The properties that you will never know and worth tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, were sold at 30%, 40%, or 50% discounts. Some people who used to own more than a dozen properties only kept two houses and sold the rest. They believe that the real estate market is going to collapse and there might be no chance in future to sell them.

Not to mention stocks. They sold as many stocks as they could, or mortgaged the stocks as much as possible. Especially those shares that can be redeemed for cash were all sold. All these things happened in the last two or three months. I think you should keep in mind what I have told you in this Getter. Anyone who still wants to make money in the stock market at this point is really guaranteeing financial losses.

Do you think you can gamble correctly on the ebb or flow of the price of gold? It is like looking for somebody you know in the universe. Do you think it is possible? No way. If you could, the world would be yours. This is no joke. So many questions you asked that I have no idea how to reply. How can I say, brothers and sisters? I am not joking.

In particular, brothers and sisters, I am telling you one more thing: the US is in a situation where it has over-issued (printed) paper money to finance its deficits (monetizing the debt). Many countries in Europe are in the same situation. Two thirds of Europe is insolvent. Countries like Italy, Belgium, Greece are bankrupt, aren’t they? But they are still playing this game of printing money. The largest such economy is the CCP’s, which is 100% going to be over. When the CCP falls, will the world’s economy still be good? Some things can be good. Some industries may even be like a rocket ride to the sky. The question is, can you catch it? Getting rich in a war, getting rich in stocks, is really as impossible for the ordinary person as looking for somebody you know in the universe. You shouldn’t think about these impossibilities.

I get too many of these messages every day. There is a protocol in my circle that some things should never be mentioned to the public. Let me explain it like this. People of some funds that I have worked with for a long time have prepared secluded survival retreats in the mountains. They have prepared large amounts of essential provisions in their houses in Europe or Zurich. Also, some people have prepared 3 to 5 years of essential supplies that they will need to survive, on islands in Greece or in their mansions in England. Several prominent families are fortifying their homes with high walls and barriers in the south of France, like forts.

I’m not kidding you, brothers and sisters. Everybody smells the CCP’s demise. As long as the CCP doesn’t hand over the antidote and doesn’t tell the world the truth about the coronavirus, the virus is bound to be more and more dangerous.  It doesn’t look as if the US has improved recently. The coronavirus is still lethal.

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