We Need To Make Sure Fauci’s E-Mail Scandal Become the Beginning of the End of the CCP Virus Scam

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Fauci has become a hero under the influence of mainstream media, but Fauci’s e-mails tell us that he has ignored important information more than once, and he has never been what people imagined.

Many of the mainstream media now pretends that these emails do not matter at all. Silence is the way they shield Fauci from criticism. In order to conceal their incompetence over the past year and their crime of spreading false information, many of the mainstream media tried every means to make Fauci looks good. They have no other way but to whitewash Fauci as the best doctor in the world, because once people are awakened and once the truth about the virus is discovered, the media which helped to cover the truth will be the first criminal to be judged.

Fauci been a public health failure in terms of the imaging and the messages he is trying to convey to the public. It has flip-flopped on every available issue. Including:

  1. Should the school be reopened?
  2. What is social distancing and what distance should people keep to avoid infection?
  3. Is the mask useful at all?
  4. Do you need to wear a mask after vaccination?

All the points made by Fauci are very, very vague. He has never been a competent public health instructor. However, he himself is willing to indulge in his failures, and is willing to exchange his experience of failure for cash.

The latest news on Fauci is that he is set to release a book on truth and service in November. So he’s about to cash in in his new book. This book is only about 80 pages, and there is nothing remarkable in it. Most of the content is in the speeches and interviews he participated in as the director of NIAID in 34 years. Not only is he not ashamed of this behavior, his publisher, National Geographic, has the confidence to claim that Fauci wants to resonate with readers and to provide everyone with a bright and hopeful future. I don’t know if he considered a promising future when he funded the Wuhan laboratory’s gain of function experiment.

According to Fauci’s email, he didn’t take his job seriously. His email completely proved the fact that we have always suspected. That is, his duty in the past year was not to fight the CCP virus, but to find ways to put the blame for the virus out of control on Trump. He also thoroughly clarified the connection between the CCP and the virus, even though a large number of scientists pointed out to him the strange behavior of the CCP in February 2020 and traces of the virus is synthetic.

This is an email on January 31, 2020. In that email, a scientist told him that some of the elements in the virus look like synthetics.

On February 1, in Fauci’s email, it was obvious that Fauci was discussing gain of function experiments.

The founder of Bio signal Technologies as of mid-March warned Fauci said: “I’m confident that the China stopped counting a dead at COVID-19, infected bodies since about January, 7th 2020.” He also said that: “They’ve been adding fabricated day-to-day lie to show save, face the world in their own people and impressive flattening of China’s outbreak curve.”

Fauci was warned again on February 22nd about the possibility of a lab leak. There’s a doctor named Michael Jacobs was a Cornell Medical School. And he was working with guy named Alexander Tarkovsky who was a professor at Rockefeller University in a varietal and a virologist. They said they have been following the coronavirus pandemic closely and a few days ago became alarmed at the news that the Chinese government is sterilizing their paper money from Hubei province.

Do you still remember Fauci publicly testified before Congress that the virus had no evidence and could not have leaked from the laboratory? He also said that he could not find relevant evidence can lead lab leak.

It one thing that people can choose to support a party or an ideology. But Fauci’s behavior far exceeded the bottom line that can be acceptable. His behavior can no longer be explained by political inclination. Although we learned about Fauci’s identity last year, his connection with Bill Gates, how the NIH funded the Wuhan laboratory, and the relationship between the Wuhan laboratory and the PLA. But this time Fauci’s exposed email is still very important. It should be the direct or indirect evidence. It completely exposed the corruption of the media. It also proved once again that the pandemic is definitely not a coincidence. We need to make Fauci Mailgate to be the first domino to completely collapse the entire CCP virus scam.

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