Gen Flynn Found New Allies in His Fight for America’s Revival – The New Federal State of China

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General Flynn has been on a tough journey since he left the brief gig as the 25th US National Security Advisor of the Trump administration.  He appeared in New York’s World Trade Center on the evening of June 3rd at the celebration party of the 1st year anniversary of The New Federal State of China (NFSC).

“I am on a mission across the United States of America to not let this country go the way it is going right now.  We are in a major, major transition period in the history of United States of America.”  General Flynn told the Chinese freedom-fighters in the presence, who gave him a standing ovation with clapping hands and enthusiastic chanting “Flynn, Flynn, Flynn!”

Flynn is a beloved American iconic hero to the members of the New Federal State of China, also known as the Chinese Whistleblowers, who first broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, the origin of the Covid-19 from the PLA-owned lab in Wuhan, along with many explosive details of how CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has bought out American politicians, businessmen, high tech and social media giants.  

Flynn said he knew he was preaching to the choir, but nevertheless his words were received with raving applause.   “As long as I breathe what I call the fresh air of liberty, the fresh air of freedom, as long as I breathe that fresh air, I am not going to allow this country to go the way of socialism, Marxism, or communism. ”

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No one knows better what socialism, Marxism or communism is than the Chinese whistleblowers who have taken great risk to themselves struggling to take down the CCP, the single most powerful communist dictatorship on earth.

He showed a little booklet to the Chinese freedom fighters.  “I carry it with me everywhere, this little document right here, this is the United States Constitution.  Those are our values, those are promises that we made to each other. And frankly for all the people of the world, all the freedom-loving people in the world, and there are billions of them, there are billions of freedom-loving people in the world that are looking at the United States of America.”

General Flynn is worried about the American values being eroded by the increasing socialist ideology in America and he is fighting hard to bring America back to its foundation – The US Constitution.

 “In the last 3-4 months, I’ve been in probably 15 states — there is an awakening, there is a revival going on in this country, a big revival, a big reformation.”  He is optimistic and glad to find new allies in the freedom-fighters of the New Federal State of China.

“This community right here (NFSC) is so important. It is vital to our very life blood in this country.” He spoke highly of The New Federal State of China, which was founded on the promise to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and free the 1.3 billion Chinese people from communist dictatorship.

General Flynn shares the same interest with the Chinese freedom-fighters – defeating communism.  He talked about the book written by two PLA (People’s Liberation Army) officers of the Chinese Communist Party, “Unrestricted Warfare”.

“It’s really fascinating because I met the individuals who wrote this.” Flynn said he had an opportunity many years ago to meet the authors when he was on a military to military engagements with China.
“It was really written about the entire plan of how to have global domination, basically how to dominate and become the sole superpower.”  Flynn discussed CCP’s interference with the 2020 US Presidential Election and his appreciation of the formation of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

“As we go forward, and we start to think about who we are as Americans, and who we are as American citizens, and here is the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and this first anniversary, this is a big deal, this is a huge deal.”

He clearly sees NFSC as a strong ally to America’s revival. “So now who are your partners? Who are your allies? I will tell you; you are looking at an ally (pointing to himself). This guy personally will ally with you.”

He encouraged the Chinese freedom-fighters of the NFSC to maximize their absolute potentials.

“When you maximize your potential, you have to take risk. If you don’t take risk, you will achieve nothing, or you will be bored in life, and you will just wander around like many people in the streets, they just sort of wander aimlessly sometimes. You must get into the arena, you must get into the ring, you have to get onto the field. Then you’ve got to leave it all there. You cannot do anything in life, you cannot achieve anything in life, unless you are willing to sacrifice. I mean sacrifice time and sacrifice your life in some cases.”

Flynn’s words were appreciated by the audiences because many Chinese whistleblowers have suffered great loss on their journey to freedom.

“I have experienced my own time around the world and I’ve been on 6 continents and have faced some of the very, very difficult enemies, and having seen what communism does, having seen the grotesqueness of what communist dictatorships can be to their people, and that’s throughout human history. What we must do is to make sure we shine a light on the problems that exist and that we talk about all the good things that we are going to bring to that light.”

Flynn expressed his best wishes for NFSC to “step in and demonstrate that we have citizens around the world, Chinese citizens in particular, and you’ve got to form yourself, to create this bond of relationship for everybody to really come together to form this beautiful New Federal State of China.”

He ended his speech with a shared interest in working with the NFSC to uphold the value of freedom “Anybody that wants to breathe the fresh air of liberty with me and join me, you are more than welcome because I will be here and will be fighting for you. God Bless you, God Bless America, and God Bless the New Federal State of China! ”

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