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June 3rd, 2021. What a day in New York City at the World Trade Centre! What a proud group of freedom loving patriots! All these fire-breathing, dragon slayers collected together focused on one goal – to Take Down The CCP! Pride, exhilaration, surprise, hope, renewal, strength, determination, confidence and cohesion – all the emotions that the first anniversary celebration of the New Federal State of China elicited in us all.

New Federal State of China (NFSC) is a righteous group of patriots who’s goal it is to alert the world to the existential danger of the transnational criminal group that is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), to rid the world of this threat, and to prepare the ground for the freedom and wellbeing of the Chinese people.

Is dictatorship stronger than a free association of people? Is coercion more powerful than people coming together in a common goal? Is bribery more effective than the vision of a future when you control your own destiny? Does destruction of faith win out over natural belief and the goodness of people? Will enslavement by an evil regime be the future of humanity, or will the age-old yearning for Liberty conquer the darkness? Will hatred win over love? Can faith conquer evil again? To the Whistleblowers of the NFSC these are all rhetorical questions. There is no equivocation in the minds of true heroes. Free association, common goals, determining your own destiny, faith, goodness of people, liberty, light over darkness, love and peace is the natural yearning of humanity. Evil can endure for a time, but must inevitably be destroyed when it overreaches and becomes too arrogant and brutish, and these patriot warriors are determined to slay the evil CCP!

This is the force and strength of the Whistleblower Movement that undergirds the NFSC. This is what attracts more and more people and organizations to our side. The common humanity, joy and vision for the future that our movement engenders is a natural yearning. You can turn away from the light for a time, but when the stranglehold of evil becomes too tight, the people will begin to fight back. We have only begun to fight!

Source: G-TV

We were all exhilarated when our leaders Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Miles Guo and Lude met face-to-face. We all felt the joy that our leaders were now able to throw off any restrictions and merge their strength publicly. Their combined voices strengthen us and fill us with pride and joy. To quote Lude: “the red Chinese flag with yellow stars represents Imperial power, whereas the NFSC flag represents individual stars on the vast ocean and limitless Universe. There is no element of control in that. What does the CCP have to offer except slavery, control and loss? We should reject to inherit the evil of the Marxist, Communist ideology, and strive for the best aspects a the federated, distinctive, individual model in America, while avoiding the greed and faithlessness of Wall Street.”

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, our Angel Scientist, told us how her intuition and fate made her chose Mr. Lude as the person to help her reveal the truth of the CCP-virus to the West. What would have happened if Dr. Yan had chosen another interested group? Where would the Whistleblower movement have been now without Dr. Yan? 

One of our generals, Steven Bannon, founder of the War-room, reminded us that the CCP is nervous because they know the Chinese people are tired of their ideology which always favors the elites and oppresses its people. They have had enough of the lack of freedom and the kleptocratic regime. The Whistleblower movement is setting an example for the rest of the world. It stands for the total and complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party. The NFSC will accept nothing less. Only the bravery and the fearlessness of the fighters in the Whistleblower movement can accomplish this.

Bill Gertz, board member of the Rule of Law Foundation gave us hope by pointing to the Jewish Haggadah where the land of Israel and Jerusalem represent the last of the four stages of redemption, and this resulted in the saying: “next year in Jerusalem”. Gertz said that in the context of the NFSC, we should proclaim “next year in Beijing”. Wouldn’t that be true redemption? Gertz also summed up the enormous wall of naiveté we face in the West by telling a story about his meeting with top intelligence officers of the USA. The officer told Gertz “the CCP is not a threat to the USA”. Gertz asked: “how do you know?”. The officer replied earnestly: “because they told us so”! We must not let the world fall victim to this naivete, which is exploited by the CCP.

Doctor, Colonel Lawrence Sellin emphasized that it is the intelligent and dedicated anti-CCP men and women, helping him uncover the CCP’s bio-warfare program, who represent the future of a free and successful Chinese Federation. During World War II the Chinese and Americans fought together to defeat an aggressive and authoritarian power, and together they achieved victory. This time the enemy is the CCP, Now like then, if we stand together, we will prevail. The goal is a prosperous and free Chinese federation.

Hao Haidong and his wife Ye Zhaoying, the Chinese sports icons, fortified our courage by pointing out that the World admires the Whistleblower movement for standing firm against the CCP even in the face of their threats against us and our families. We will not submit to your threats, CCP! 

General Michael Flynn exhorted “as long as I breathe I will not allow this nation to go down the road of Socialism, Marxism or Communism”! You will not achieve anything unless you are willing to sacrifice. The CCP is trying to defeat us without firing a shot. Of all the facets of unrestricted warfare most are related to information and biological warfare. Anybody who wants to join me in the fight for freedom and the NFSC I stand with you.

Natalie Winter, investigative reporter at the National Pulse, stated the obvious: the CCP has seized the means of production, cultural and media production in the US. They quite literally own the US. US journalists sell the CCP favorable coverage simply in return for trips to China through the United Front. Nursery rhymes are disseminated in the US praising Mao Zedong. There is a parallel between the NFSC’s goals of destroying the CCP to free the Chinese people, and the populist MAGA movement in the US which seeks to overthrow the Establishment and focus on the wellbeing of the deplorables.

Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, the armored piercing shell, is fighting to reveal that the CCP hacked in to the Dominion ballot counting machines and changed the outcome of the US election on November 3rd, 2020. He told us that the evidence that he has in the form of electronic data packets recorded at the time of the election are 100%, incontrovertible proof that the election was hacked in favor of Joe Biden. His Supreme Court lawsuit will be filed in July and his legal team is confident that the Court will accept the suit and that the vote will be 9 against 0 that his allegation is true. The Whistleblower movement would not have had Lindell present this information at the Anniversary of the NFSC without knowing that this evidence was reliable. Revealing the truth of the CCP-virus and the election fraud perpetrated by the CCP on November 3rd are powerful weapons in our goal of taking down the CCP.

The Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC have come of age. The revelations about Genocide and Xinjiang, the daily drip of new information about the biological weapon, the CCP-virus and what happened at the WIV, the gathering financial strength of the G-series, even the gradual revelations of CCP interference in the Nov 3rd/20 US elections, all show that the CCP is a terrorist organization which only has one setting – attack, bully and kill. We can feel and see the increasing level of desperation of the CCP, their collaborators around the world, and the Media organizations that shield them. They know very well that once world opinion turns against them, nothing can save them. It is happening, and this surely attract more and more people, and organizations to our side. It is as inevitable as day following night. The gathering of this righteous movement in New York on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 is fitting retribution for the brutal massacre of freedom fighters on that day. We will never forget their sacrifice. We will dedicate our ultimate victory to their memory.

With our renewed cohesion from our Anniversary celebration and our many recent victories, we must now re-dedicate ourselves to the promise of the total and complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party – root and branch.

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